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Why Is An Amazon Music Artist Profile Important?

Photograph of the blog post author, Julyo D’Agostino

Julyo D’Agostino


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In March 2020, the Amazon Music for Artists app launched (currently mobile-only). The app was and still is a great new addition to Spotify For Artists and Apple Music For Artists. Amazon Music for Artists facilitates access to insights and data for both artists and their teams through streaming services. We will show you how an Amazon Music Artist Profile is important for musicians just like you.

What Is Amazon Music For Artists? 

Amazon Music Artist Profile

Amazon Music For Artists can be found on both iOS and Android. It offers streaming functionality and insight into artist’s listeners, with around 60 million listeners on the platform. Also, there is a company site, where artists and their teams can learn about best practices, extra resources, and more. The information also updates every few hours for artists using Amazon Music.

How Does Amazon Music For Artists Work?

Like the Spotify and Apple Music For Artist apps, Amazon’s app allows artists to claim their accounts, get verified, add artist images, and access global view on streams and performance data across curated playlists and stations.

Amazon is also the first app that shows data on how songs are performing with Alexa. This is a crucial feature in a time where audiences are using various devices to discover and stream music.

Main Features

  • Access to success metrics, including the Daily Voice Index. This illustrates how music is performing with Alexa, including insights into voice requests by artist, album, song, and lyrics.
  • A fan insights tab, which provides a breakdown of an artist’s most engaged listeners. This helps artists to focus on top listeners segments and grow their fan base over time.
  • A custom date filter that allows checking performance data on specific dates and best performing lengths of each track.

Other Features For Amazon Music Artist Profile 2023

1. Comprehensive analytics to track and monitor key performance metrics such as streaming, downloads, and radio plays.

2. Automated marketing tools to help artists optimize their music for maximum visibility and engagement and reach new fans.

4. A comprehensive dashboard to provide insight into fan engagement, revenue, and other key metrics.

5. A comprehensive music distribution platform to help artists get their music to the right platforms and stores.

8. A suite of collaboration tools to help artists collaborate with other artists, producers, and songwriters.

9. An intuitive user interface to help artists quickly and easily find the tools they need.

10. A comprehensive music library to help artists find the perfect track for their project.

How Do You Claim Your Amazon Music Artist Profile?

Amazon Music Artist Profile

Steps to claim your Amazon Artist page and get verified are straightforward. If you use distributor CD Baby, you will also be fast-tracked (you can select it in the Integration page of the steps below):

  1. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play store, and open the app.
  2. Fill out ALL fields on the verification page, including “Company” (if none just put your band or artist name in this field).
  3. If you use CD Baby, integrate it here. Otherwise, you can go straight to the next step.
  4. Claim your artist by clicking ‘Submit’. 
  5. Wait for the confirmation email.
  6. Open the app to access your Artist’s Amazon Music account.

How Did It Work Before Amazon Music For Artists?

Before Amazon Music For Artists, the only way to get to know how your music is performing on the platform was through your distributor dashboard. Unfortunately, the data was often incomplete or missing important analytics (like the Daily Voice Index or the Fans vs. Superfans metrics).

With Amazon Music For Artists, you can now have full access to all your metrics and performance analytics in real-time. Once you get access, the first thing you will see is the usual data (demographics, streams count, etc.) and the two unique features to Amazon Music For Artists: 

  • Daily Voice Index. This tells you how many times people have asked Alexa to find your music. In a world where more and more people are using a voice assistant to find music, the lyrics feature is handy! If people can’t remember the title or your name, the song’s hook will help them find you. Necessary: you will need to provide lyrics information either via Musixmatch or LyricFind.
  • The Daily Voice Index also ranks your music’s performance on a spectrum from “Cool,” “Warm,” “Hot,” to “on Fire,” depending on how your Alexa engagement compares to the median of artists with similar-sized audiences. You can use this to see how your marketing campaigns are performing, specifically in relation to Alexa.
  • Fans and Superfans: Fans drive 50%+ of your streams, but Superfans also interact more with your music. They follow you on Amazon Music, save your music, or purchase your music (not just as a download but also as a physical product like vinyl or CDs). Amazon Music is the only platform currently incorporating this, building a bridge between the streaming music world and the e-commerce world.

When you are promoting your music, make sure to include links to your Amazon Music profile and songs. Also, Amazon Music’s business strategy is set to make a significant impact in the streaming world – and you may be surprised by how many people are using it!

How To Grow Your Presence On Amazon Music

Amazon Music Artist Profile

Here are a few tips on how to grow your presence (and revenue) on Amazon Music:

Get your fans to ask for your songs by song title or saying some of the lyrics. The voice search is tracked and displayed in Amazon Music for Artists. Also, ask them to ask Alexa to follow you.

Add Your Lyrics

Make sure to add your song lyrics to Amazon. You can sign up with LyricFind or MusixMatch. This way, if fans don’t know your song title, they can tell Alexa to search the lyrics.

Amazon Music Stations

Amazon Music offers millions of personalised stations. Curators program the songs in the Amazon Music stations following three segments: Light, Medium, and Heavy Rotation. If you are an emerging artist, keep an eye on Light Rotation, where curators are testing new songs to see if they might hit with listeners.

Amazon Music Playlists

Similarly to Spotify Playlists, the Amazon Music playlists are refreshed every week, and are based on the curator’s choices and the Amazon Music algorithm. Songs selected by the Amazon Music curators are featured on the more prominent playlists. Ask your fans to add your music into playlists on Amazon Music, and ask Alexa to stream the playlist.

Amazon Originals

If you record covers of popular songs, check the Amazon Originals feature. It is focused on alternate versions of existing songs, covers, or brand-new compositions that Amazon Music partners with an artist to record. 

Song Of The Day

Ask Alexa to play the ‘Song of the Day’ to hear suggestions from the Amazon Music curators sharing one crucial song that day. 

Creating The Best Amazon Music Artist Profile

Amazon Music Artist Profile

Here are my tips to creating the best artist profile on Amazon Music, to ensure that everything is clear, functional and helps propel your music to listeners that will love it!

Invite Your Team

Amazon Music For Artists allows you to have up to three team members: the Artist, the Manager, and the Label. You can invite your Manager by assigning access type ‘Admin’ (manage all users and roles and full view of analytics). Your Label can be invited as ‘Viewer’ (view-only access).

The advantage of having your team on board is that you can focus on the areas you want to grow. These include studying social media campaigns to increase your Superfans, and building a strategy to promote your music on Amazon Music playlists.

Check Your Artist Image

On Amazon Music For Artists, you can check your current Artist Image. If you need to update it, simply email [email protected]. You need to send them a high-resolution landscape image of at least 3840 pixels wide and 2880 pixels tall. Remember, faces and logos should be positioned in the upper 40% of the image, roughly centered horizontally.

Submit Your Music To Amazon Music Curators

Planning releases at least one month ahead is always a good idea. To have a successful release, you need to have a great strategy. If you have a distribution deal with Orchard or WWAL for example, you are already familiar with the term ‘label manager.’

The Label Manager is the first point of contact between labels, artists, managers, and the distributor. This is a direct way to communicate with your distributor about your plans to market your upcoming releases.

If you have a label or manager, your best option is to submit your music to the Amazon Music curators via the email [email protected], and they will route your submission to the appropriate team.

Make sure to check your performance numbers on the Amazon Music For Artists app. Most of the time, artists featured on the playlists are the ones with consistent fan engagement.

Check Your Data Back To 2018

Amazon Music For Artists app backtracks data to January 1, 2018. The system aggregates all-time data including weekly report views for Total Streams, Total Listener, and Total Voice Request graphs to give you a full overview. Even if you have changed distributor, or taken down releases and distributed them again in Amazon Music, you can still view this (providing that the ISRC code is the same). You can easily search for a song’s ISRC Code using the Music Gateway ISRC Finder tool.

View How People Are Discovering Your Music

‘Source of stream’ is the area within the Amazon Music app in which a stream arrives. Sources include:

  • Stations (Amazon Music stations, similar to Spotify Radio Stations)
  • Amazon Playlists (the playlists curated by Amazon Music).
  • User Playlists and Libraries (streams coming from My Music Library or any user-owned playlist) 
  • Search (which includes the search results page, artist pages, the release detail page, Amazon Music Charts, and the New Release page).

Play stats (over 30 seconds from unique listeners) are available for your and other artist’s songs where you are listed as one of the Main Artists. 

Artist Support Team

Another advantage of using Amazon Music For Artists is the ability to remove music listed on your Artist app profile from another artist of the same name, and missing content from your Artist app profile. Once you have linked your social media accounts via the app, you can reach out to [email protected]. Provide your artist name, a link to the artist detail page, and if required, the corresponding ASIN number which should be on your profile.

Amazon Music Artist Profile

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Conclusion – Amazon Music Artist Profile

Amazon Music For Artists is the official Amazon Music app for artists to manage their profiles and keep track of their stats regarding releases and fan bases.

Getting your music onto Amazon Music is a must-have for any independent artist in the music industry, along with other top streaming apps such as Spotify and Apple Music. Amazon Music For Artists’ app is also the first to allow you to see how many times people have asked Alexa to find your music, so it is ground-breaking. Don’t forget to look out for Amazon Music for Artists app updates and new feature announcements. 


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