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Christmas Adverts Of 2022 – Our Top Pick

Photograph of the blog post author, Georgia Carter

Georgia Carter


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We all know what we need from a Christmas advert, that Christmas is just round the corner and it’s got a feel-good vibe to it. They happen every year, so we know that they’re coming, but the best are the ones that tell a moving story or one that has an unexpected ending right?

Christmas adverts are awash with animals, cinematography, animals, animation, families and feel-good moments. I do feel that adverts around this time centre around giving and people being together, and this is what you would expect, but a good tear jerker will always be memorable. 

John Lewis – The Beginning 

You can’t beat a John Lewis Christmas advert, they seem to knock it out of the park every year and this year they have chosen to go down a less joyous route, but with a more poignant message. You see a middle aged dad trying desperately to get the hang of riding a skateboard and failing with every move he tries to make. However, towards the end he does a trick where he catches the board in his hand and you see him smile. Later, he is in the kitchen with his wife and you hear the doorbell go. He opens it to find a young girl – who you find out this couple is going to foster – clutching a skateboard. There is a long shot of the dad-to-be and the young girl bonding over their skateboards. It is sentiment at its best, well done John Lewis, you did it again!

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M&S – Gifts That Give

M&S home and clothing ad really hit home why kindness is so important this year. It begins as a young boy is very eager to give his parents their presents early in the morning. We see him opening a box which says ‘lie-in voucher’ and he jumps out of bed to rush through to their room. As he is giving them the present, he hears music from outside. He pulls the curtains wide and we see a choir standing outside on the street singing back to him and his parents. There are further scenarios where families are together and once they have given their family member a present, more singers, musicians disrupt the scene and they all end up going out onto the street to celebrate Christmas together, laughing, singing, dancing together. 

The whole advert is set to Harry Styles’ Treat People with Kindness, the choir features real-life community groups who will benefit from M&S donations — including Hertfordshire-based bikers with hearts of gold and brass bands from Bolton. 

YouTube player

Boots – Joy For All

This is a feel good one for the books, starring BAFTA-nominated actress Lydia West, celebrates the small moments that bring us joy over the festive season. Titled ‘Joy For All’, the one-minute ad tells the story of Holly who finds a pair of magical glasses on the bus. She starts by being annoyed by someone playing music loudly on the bus, but then she tries to ignore it, and puts on her new glasses. Once she puts these on, she only sees people being happy and surrounding each other with positive vibes, to the tune of Hall & Oates soundtrack. They are living their best lives, satisfied and genuinely having a good time. 

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Aldi – Home Alone

So in Aldi’s latest advert, there is a carrot family that have left their carrot son Kevin behind heading off to Paris, so he has to leave traps for the intruders. Ring a bell, anyone? Santa saves the day and the whole carrot family returns so they can be together for Christmas. There may not be any tears shed for this particular Christmas advert, but a good effort anyhow.

YouTube player

Tesco – Stand Up For Joy

Tesco’s message for this year is a political one, or should that read a non-political one? They have picked up on the issues surrounding No.10 over the past few months and decided to jump on the idea that even though the government may not be looking after you in many ways, there will be cuts, but only in terms of price cuts and cake. There is a line  ‘Britain, there’s a joy shortage,’ voiced over by a smug politician-type, saying ‘so we at Tesco have formed the Christmas Party to help.’ ‘The only thing we’ll cut are prices, and cake.’ 

YouTube player

Lidl – The Story Of Lidl Bear

It has made our list as it is about people coming back home for Christmas, and being reunited. There is a little girl whose bear is wearing a Lidl jersey and people clamor over him in the supermarket to get a photo, which leads to him becoming famous, the whole world over. The little girl misses him and doesn’t see him for a while. Only after an interview on the tv where she is being asked where the Lidl Bear is and will he be coming home, he returns just in time for Christmas. This is sweet in all its best forms and we are so happy that they are together for Christmas.

YouTube player

Sainsbury’s: Once Upon a Pud

Alison Hammond is the Queen in Sainsbury’s latest christmas advert as The Countess. It certainly has the comedic edge to it, and also Stephen Fry is the narrator, so where can you wrong? Well, the long and short of it is that The Countess hates Christmas pudding and will not eat it at this time of year. He decides to change her mind about this and delivers a cracking christmas pud that she loves. The costumes were fab and there is even a moment when our baker steals a huge digestive from a giant who yells ‘That’s MY biscuit’. 

YouTube player


Asda have incorporated footage of Will Ferrell as Buddy The Elf from the feature film into their Christmas advert this year and I think it was the best idea they ever had. It looks like the staff are speaking to him and it looks so real. There is real festivity to the whole advert, a feeling of endless pure joy, like that of a child. The whole advert is set to the song of Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. Buddy’s enthusiasm of course, like it does in the original film, gets him in a spot of trouble, and this works so well. You can’t say no to Buddy, especially with his ideas for decorations!

YouTube player

Closing Thoughts

So there you have it, we have rounded up the Christmas adverts for 2022 and I’m sure they will bring you cheer but also a new sense of perspective. Who needs your help this Christmas and what is the most important way to celebrate? Radiate kindness, be together with the people you love and help those who are in a lesser situation than you. Happy Christmas everyone and I hope you all have a lovely time this year. 


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