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Music Marketing

Modern Musician: A Complete Review

Photograph of the blog post author, Georgia Carter

Georgia Carter


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Modern Musician Specialises in Helping Artists Elevate Their Branding and Reach Their Goals.

Are you a musician and need all the top tips to make it? Are you searching for a mentoring and music advice space that can support your growth as an artist? Then look no further – our comprehensive review of this valuable support and resource for artists is going to be exactly what you need. 

Music Gateway loves to empower artists to succeed in their musical goals and the team at Modern Musician is passionate about providing the insight, advice and tools to help musicians negotiate the recording industry, and enhance their career developments So read on to learn how they can you help progress in the music industry.

Who Are Modern Musician? 

Modern Musician is an online music platform that offers advice and resources for musicians and music lovers. It provides a wide range of features including mentoring relationships, music lessons, artist profiles, articles and more. The website also features curated playlists, interviews with music industry professionals, and resources to help musicians succeed.

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Who Are The Team?

Michael Walker is a highly successful musician and entrepreneur who is the founder of Modern Musician. He has been touring professionally for the last eight years, and has used his experiences to create a platform that helps other artists and bands learn the skills needed to have a profitable music career. 

Michael is an experienced individual who has reached 17 million views on YouTube, working with Grammy Award-winning producers and touring internationally to perform for hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide. He is also a member of the popular band Paradise Fears. Paradise Fears went from living out of their cars to selling 24,000 albums in 6 months and reaching #2 on the iTunes Alternative Charts.

Micheal Walker of Modern Musician

Michael’s passion and dedication to helping other artists have made him a highly renowned figure in the music industry, as an artist and marketing expert who believes in the power of music to make a positive impact on people’s lives. He specializes in helping independent artists reach their target audience and maximize their success. Michael’s advice can help artists negotiate streaming services, music publishers, independent labels and the realm of the mighty mainstream record label.

Michael also works with clients to create effective marketing strategies that get results, especially in the live music industry, providing guidance and support for your professional development every step of the way. His passion for music and marketing makes him a valuable asset to any artist looking to make their mark in the industry.

How To Grow A FanBase – Modern Musician

The Modern Musician Fanbase Growth Masterclass

An artist’s fanbase is significant for musicians today. Having a loyal fanbase allows musicians to connect with their fans and build a relationship with them. This can help increase their visibility in social media and across the board, generate more revenue, and spread their music to a wider audience. Artist fanbases can help musicians stay motivated and inspired to create new music, as they have a dedicated group of people who are eager to hear their music. 

At Modern Musician, they are the helping hand you need to cultivate and manage your fanbase. With special masterclasses to help artists overcome any barriers and learn from firsthand experience and expert advice on the steps to take to push your branding and presence as an artist over the line and to grow your fanbase and your reach the way you want to.

You can take the Fanbase Growth Workshop for free with Modern Musician, where Michael takes you through the ‘6 Steps to Explode your Fanbase and Make a Profit with your Music Online’. It covers everything from music streaming and digital music to music companies, recorded music and mentoring sessions that can help direct your career goals.

Artist Identity – How Modern Musician Helps You Create This 

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Artist identity is extremely important for musicians today. It is how they can differentiate themselves from other artists in the industry and create a unique brand. A strong artist identity will help them to stand out from the crowd and attract more fans. It also helps to create a stronger connection with their audience, as they can create a recognizable and memorable image that fans will associate with the artist.

The Modern Musician team will provide valuable insights into the music business and how to hone and elevate your artist identity and how that can translate into growing your fanbase and reach.

Revenue Multiplier

Do you want to make a sustainable income as a musician? Do you love performing and want to be able to make enough money to do it full-time and of course make more money from your craft? 

Michael has created videos on YouTube explaining just how to do this and multiply your revenue in an efficient and easy way. You can check out the video below for more information and there is a part 2 and 3.

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Modern Musician Podcast

Modern Musician hosts a podcast on their website. The podcast focuses on music production, marketing, and the business side of the music industry. Each episode features interviews with a variety of musicians, producers, and industry professionals, as well as tips, advice, and industry insights. The goal of the podcast is to help musicians understand and navigate the music industry, so they can better pursue their careers and reach their goals.

You can listen to the episode featuring our very own CEO Jon Skinner discussing the industry below!

Modern Musician Articles

Modern Musician wants to give the best advice in terms of the music industry. They give guidance & tips on growing your fanbase and making money from your music. Their latest article is ‘5 Ways to Actually Make Money as an Independent Musician in 2023’ – and we recommend giving it a read.

Programs At Modern Musician

There are 3 programs that are provided on the Modern Musician website and you should really look into them further if you want to progress further in your career. 


In 5 Days, We’ll Launch A “Messenger Funnel” That Generates Real Fans From Scratch, Makes Predictable Income, And Provides True Fan Engagement. Then, we’ll work together for 5 more days to fine-tune your messenger funnel and overall music marketing strategy.


MusicMentor™ is a monthly subscription including Live Monthly Masterclasses with Top Industry Mentors, Live Weekly Q&As w/ the opportunity to get your questions answered, Executive Action Guides to help supercharge your career, Full Access to MusicMentor™ Training Vault, and an Invitation to join the Private MusicMentor™ Community.


Gold Artist Academy™ is a 3-month program for artists looking to explode their fanbase and take their music career to the next level. We have a team of 20+ music marketing experts to work with you personally in weekly 1:1 sessions, group coaching calls, and lifetime access to the gold artist training portal. 

Success Stories

There have been many success stories in relation to musicians using this website. So we thought we would share this with you so you can see for yourself why you should look into joining this community and how the mentor and mentee dynamic can work for you. 

Check out the success stories here.

Artist Breakthrough Sessions

You can also book one of the renowned Modern Musician 1-2-1 private sessions – known as an Artist Breakthrough Session™’- which are extremely useful for tailoring an artist’s individual needs. Michael only works with 5 mentees at any one time, so he carefully chooses applicants to make sure he can provide optimum support for your needs.

Ideally prospective mentees will already have at least:

  • 1000 followers on social media
  • 1-5 songs professionally recorded
  • a solid music video

The goal is to create an automated funnel so you can attract a loyal fanbase and make at least $5k per month with your own music. Michael is offering a free 30-minute strategy session to make sure you’re a good fit before you start working together, so we definitely recommend applying for an Artist Breakthrough Session on the link above.

Core Values At Modern Musician 

It is important, as with any company to have some core values that you stick by. And Modern Musician is no different. Here are what they consider essential to their company’s growth. 

Creativity & Entrepreneurship

‘We believe cultivating both creativity & entrepreneurship is essential for musicians in order to sustain their craft and make music their full-time career.’

People First

‘We prioritize the value of serving people over the value of profits while recognizing that the more we profit, the more we can serve people.’ 

Truth & Freedom 

‘We empower artists to express their true selves so they can experience freedom in their music careers and personal lives. We believe musicians can use their gift to bring us together, heal and provide value to our communities.’


‘We develop cutting-edge technology for musicians to attract, engage, and monetize an audience so they can make a sustainable living with their passion.’

Diversity & Unity

‘We are committed to actively finding new ways to increase diversity, inclusion and accessibility using our platform in a way that’s genuine and sustainable.’


‘We value our team members and encourage open, transparent communication in order to provide a fair and inclusive work culture. We strive to create a truly supportive and compassionate environment, and are committed to learning, listening and growing together.’

Leading By Example

‘We learn through doing, and we implement the methodology we teach within our own lives & music careers.’

Closing Thoughts

So, now we have shared all our knowledge with you about Modern Musician, I think it is pretty clear that it is a fantastic website and there is such a strong font of knowledge and experience behind it. 

Building and sustaining a fanbase, but also ensuring you do crate revenue from your music is essential and this is where Modern Musician comes in to support you every step of the way. We hope you have enjoyed this article and that it inspired you to look into all that Modern Musican offers.

And don’t forget to sign up for the free Fanbase Growth Workshop or to look into applying for an Artist Breakthrough Session™.

If you do – let us know how it goes in the comments below!


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