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Music Gateway x Uniform Wares: Sync Placement With Ch!mes

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It is our pleasure to announce our latest sync placement work on the brand new watch collection by Uniform Wares, featuring genre-bending producer Ch!mes. 

UK-based watch brand Uniform Wares, known for their British design and Swiss craft geared up to unveil their new selection of watches through an online campaign. 

The vision was to create an advert that represents their modern and minimalist style and required a track to capture the attention of a young, vibrant and mixed audience. 

Our brilliant Sync & Licensing Coordinator, Viraz Limbachia had this to say, “When our client approached us, they were keen on using a modern electronic track for their advert which wasn’t vocal-heavy and that could appeal to young adults and mature audiences alike. Amongst the first few options was Ch!mes’ refreshing track “Apparent” that immediately fit as it sonically represents the brand’s slick aesthetic.”

Ch!mes’ ambient and mid-tempo Electronic track “Apparent” came from our impressive catalogue of artists here at Music Gateway. 

The distinctive vocal sample chops paired perfectly with Uniform Wares’ campaign, and successfully met the brand’s marketing objectives. Making the advert truly something special.

Ch!mes said, “With my track ‘Apparent’ the goal was to make something fun, innovative, exciting and most importantly fresh.”

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