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Boppin Bluesman’s Sync On Netflix’s Bloodline

Photograph of the blog post author, Jon



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Bopping Bluesman

We want to say a massive congratulations to the Boppin Bluesman, real name Mike Goudreau. He has had a successful song placement in the hit US series, Bloodline. Mike, Bopping Bluesman, is an independent musician, songwriter and performer who is able to adapt to many genres of music.

Bopping Bluesman Inspiration

He takes his inspiration and influence from artists such as Chuck Berry, Louis Armstrong and Frank Sinatra. He is prominent from the multitude of Jazz and Blues tracks he has in his repertoire.

Bopping Bluesman and Netflix show, Bloodline

In this award-winning Netflix Original, the black sheep son of a respected family threatens to expose dark secrets from their past, sibling loyalties are put to the test.

Within the first month of the series being aired, it received over a million views and critically acclaimed reviews. From there the highly anticipated third season was looking to be as prominent as the previous two seasons.

“I’m very happy that my original song was chosen to be featured on the popular Netflix series “Bloodline”! This song was only released a few months previous to the placement. It was taken from my 18th album entitled “Sweet Blues”. A big thank you and shout out to the team @ Мusic Gateway!” Mike Goudreau aka Boppin Bluesman

Boppin Bluesman & Music Gateway

Mike (Boppin Bluesman) joined Мusic Gateway in 2017 having heard how we represent indie artists and work as a trusted source to hundreds of Music Supervisors and clients from around the world.

Mike (Boppin Bluesman) has his music within the site’s Sync Portal, which allows Мusic Gateway to represent his music for placements within TV, Film, Games & Adverts. The sync team proactively pitch and secure paid licensing on your behalf. They work directly with the likes of Netflix, Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, CBS, ABC Disney, NBC Universal, BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and the vast majority of Music Supervisors from the USA & Europe. You can check some other case studies here.


Thanks for reading and thanks again Mike (Boppin Bluesman) for the great music, making our lives easier! 


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