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Free Arminator 64 Bit Download

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The Arminator 64-bit is a stunning homage to the Yamaha CS-80, offering an impressive emulation that’s completely free. It has been enhanced with improved scaling of controls, the ability to sync its LFO to a KeyPress, KeySplit across 10 octaves, KeyTracking on LowPass and HighPass Filters, Sine oscillator in Line Amp with -1 or -2 octave sub-options, Mono Poly on individual lines and a Chorus effect. 

Additionally, line 2’s envelopes can be delayed by up to 500ms from KeyPress. For those not already familiar with the CS-80, all you need to know is that this free emulation of it comes with some great presets and a small but efficient GUI.

Yamaha CS-80

The Yamaha CS-80 is an analogue synthesizer manufactured by Yamaha from 1976 to 1980. It is considered to be one of the most influential synthesizers of all time. It was the first commercially available polyphonic synthesizer and featured a unique design with two independent sound engines, 8-voice polyphony, an aftertouch and a ribbon controller. It was also the first synthesizer to feature digitally controlled oscillators (DCOs).

The CS-80 was used by a number of famous musicians, including Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre and Gary Numan. It was also used on a number of classic albums, including Pink Floyd’s The Wall and Michael Jackson’s Thriller.


1. 64-bit Quad Core Processor: The Arminator 64-bit processor is a powerful quad-core processor that can handle complex tasks with ease. It is capable of running multiple applications and processes simultaneously, allowing for faster and more efficient performance.

2. High-Speed RAM: The Arminator 64-bit processor is equipped with 8GB of RAM, allowing for faster loading times and smoother performance.

3. High-Definition Graphics: The Arminator 64-bit processor is equipped with an integrated graphics card that supports high-definition resolutions. This allows for more detailed visuals and smoother gaming performance.

4. High-Capacity Storage: The Arminator 64-bit processor is equipped with a large hard drive, allowing for more storage space. This allows for more data to be stored on the device, making it ideal for storing large files and multimedia.

5. High-Speed Networking: The Arminator 64-bit processor is equipped with an integrated wireless networking card, allowing for faster connection speeds and improved performance.

6. Expansion Slots: The Arminator 64-bit processor is equipped with several expansion slots, allowing for additional hardware to be connected. This allows for more flexibility and customization of the device.

Click here for a free download link to the Arminator 64 Bit.


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