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Music Production

Free Driftmaker VST Download

Photograph of the blog post author, Annika Hope

Annika Hope


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Driftmaker VST is a virtual instrument plugin for music producers and sound designers. It is designed to create unique and organic sounds by bringing together a wide range of sound sources. While acoustic instruments to synthesizers processes them with a broad collection of effects. 

driftmaker vst

The Driftmaker VST is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly furthermore, allowing users to quickly and easily create complex sounds with minimal effort. The plugin also features an array of modulation tools, enabling users to create dynamic and evolving sounds. A simple tool that can produce drones and many other textural sounds. Therefore, Driftmaker VST is an excellent choice for producers looking to create unique and striking sounds for their projects.


  • Expanse texture generator
  • Produce sweeping backdrops resonance
  • Spectrally blurred pitched analogue deterioration effects
  • Backdrops resonating low drones
  • Spectral blurring and freezing
  • Create interweaving layers

Driftmaker VST is a simple yet versatile tool, a delay disintegration device that parses incoming audio, recalls certain parts and furthermore, adds analogue deterioration to the signal. It was designed to encapsulate the faded, time-worn character of’s debut on Puremagnetik – Works for Tape and Piano.

Works for Tape and Piano immerses the listener in a sonic landscape where sustained piano tones bend and flutter as light travels through a prism. 

The centrepiece of this album’s creation is a tape machine, which Tyler Gilmore aka uses to capture his world and warp it; sometimes speeding up time, sometimes slowing it down while often painting a warm, analogue canvas, letting long-forgotten recordings on old cassettes shimmer through to the foreground.

You can download Driftmaker VST here.


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