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Music Production

What’s Equalizer Meaning?

Photograph of the blog post author, Annika Hope

Annika Hope


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In terms of the equalizer meaning, by changing the frequency of a sound, we can create different notes and chords, which in turn allows us to create music.

Furthermore, sound frequency is the rate at which sound waves vibrate, measured in hertz (Hz). Frequency affects the pitch of sound, with higher frequencies producing higher pitches and lower frequencies producing lower pitches. In music, frequency is important, therefore as it allows us to create different sounds and melodies

Equalizer Meaning

What Is An Equalizer? 

An equalizer (or EQ) is a tool used to adjust the frequency of an audio signal. This therefore can be used to boost or cut certain frequencies, and in addition shape the overall sound. They are used in recording studios and in live sound reinforcement to make sure that instruments and voices are balanced in the mix. 

Equalizers can correct problems with the acoustics of a room, regarding feedback and unwanted resonances. Equalizers can create special effects, alternatively adding warmth or making a sound more aggressive.

What Is Frequency?

Frequency measures of how often a sound wave or signal is repeated over a period of time. This is measured in hertz (Hz) and is usually expressed as a range of frequencies. A frequency range of 20-20,000 Hz is the range of human hearing. 

In terms of Equalization meaning, it can alter frequencies within a recording, therefore make certain aspects of the sound more audible.

What Is Mixing In Terms Of Equalizer Meaning?  

Mixing in music is the process of combining multiple sound sources into a single track. Therefore, this is done using a variety of tools, including equalizers, compressors.

An equalizer, as we know adjusts the frequency spectrum of a sound. It allows you to boost or cut certain frequencies, allowing you to shape the sound of your track. 

For example, you could use an equalizer to boost the bass frequencies of a track or cut the high frequencies to make the track sound more mellow.

Equalizer Meaning

What Are The Steps To Equalize In A Song?

1. Select a song to equalize.

2. Set the playback level to a comfortable listening level.

3. Identify the main frequency ranges of the song and adjust the equalizer to boost or cut them as necessary.

4. In addition, listen to the track and then adjust the equalizer further if necessary.

5. The overall sound needs to be balanced. Furthermore it shouldn’t be too harsh or too quiet.

6. Save the changes.

Summary Of Equalizer Meaning In Music

In its most basic form, sound is a collection of waveforms. The waveforms move through the air, reach our ears, and we then hear these waveforms as sound. So what better way to ensure we create perfect melodies and audio in general than by the use of an equalizer? If you want to mix your own tracks or work alongside music producers, you will need to understand this process works. Now you will hopefully have more of a grasp of why equalization is key to music.


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