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Musosoup Review

Photograph of the blog post author, Georgia Carter

Georgia Carter


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Are you an artist or curator? Do you need assistance in making sure your music is heard? And promoted in as many different avenues as possible? PR teams can take a hefty cut from placing your music out into the world. So why not choose a company like Musosoup. They can do all the heavy lifting for you, whilst championing your music. You will save yourself a decent amount of money. So, let’s get started shall we? 


What Is Musosoup?

Submit your music to Musosoup. Then a fully experienced team of curators will then add your tracks to playlists, social media platforms and music blogs. As they put it, ‘Submit to the best blogs, playlists, stations, podcasts, influencers & more.’ I mean, as an artist, you can’t ask for more than that. It was founded by Chris Sharpe. Chris says, ‘In a nutshell, we are a submissions platform that connects artists with curators. Such as blogs, playlists, station shows and podcasts.’ 

Chris does mention in interviews he would like to see more curators being added to the team. Then you have an even more varied collection of music taste. Which will inevitably increase the success for artists who submit their music to the site. 

As there is a vetting system in place, the quality of music is always high, however it does mean that it has to pass a certain standard, and it could be seen as exclusive. However, don’t you want the music on playlists the best?  

Musosoup Pricing 

We wanted to assure you that you, as an artist, would pay £36 for a one-off campaign and you may choose either a Coverage or CoveragePlus package. 

What Do You Pay For

What Are The Pros & Cons Of Musosoup?

As always, there will be advantages and disadvantages of using submission platforms, and Musosoup is no exception. We want to give you a fair exposure of this company, so here are some areas where they excel and also fall short. 


You don’t pay for a campaign until your music has been approved and also your music is sent to over 200 curators. You will be notified when a curator approves your music and they have 45 days to respond to a submission. 

As we have mentioned before, it is super easy to submit your music, which is a huge benefit of the platform. 


When you submit your music, they will send you two options for coverage with regards to one submission. It depends on what type of coverage you are looking for, but if you receive plenty of offers at once, you may end up paying more than you expected by accepting them, over the free option, which may be a quick review or a playlist add. A paid option could be a longer review or interview for a magazine. 

Therefore, you will pay for the campaign and then there will be additional fees to ensure that you end up with more meaningful content. I suppose this is how PR works at the end of the day.  


You can find out more about the Musosoup here

Submit Your Music

You can submit your music to Musosoup using the link here. All you have to do is enter your email and a link to your music and their whole curator team will listen to the track. You only have to send one submission, so in terms of ease of use, the website is ticking all the boxes. If your music is up to their standard, then you can go ahead and purchase a Musosoup campaign. It really is that simple. 

Alternatives To Musosoup

Other submission platforms such as SubmitHub, or Groover do a similar job in asking artist to submit music which can then be added to curated playlists. But the main difference between them and Musosoup is that there is more quality control in terms of the music. Not to say that the music submitted to these platform are of poor quality, but Musosoup do take the quality of the tracks seriously. 

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Music Gateway & Music Promotion

Looking for something different in terms of promoting your music? Well, all you need to do is turn to Music Gateway for help and we will ensure your music is exposed to as many different musical avenues as possible. We would love to hear from you, so please do get in touch. You can always use our other link here in terms of music promotion. 

Conclusion – Musosoup

That was our review of Musosoup and we hope you enjoyed it. There is plenty to think about in terms of this submission platform. Music promotion can take time and energy, so why not be given a helping hand from a well known submission platform, and can elevate our music career with just a click of the button? We know what we would do.


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