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Music Publishing

What Is Sentric Music Publishing?

Photograph of the blog post author, Jodie Francis

Jodie Francis


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In this article, I am going to examine Sentric Music Publishing and ask the all-important question: is it worth it? The company was founded by Chris Meehan, originally as a university project. By 2006 it had grown into a hugely successful business. 

The platform is used by over 100,000 songwriters. They also offer lucrative syncing opportunities for musicians who wouldn’t have been able to access their services otherwise. They currently employ over 40 members of staff at locations in London, Amsterdam, New York and Hamburg. 

What Is Sentric Music? 


So what is Sentric Music and what can they offer you? In this section, we’re going to answer this question very briefly and then get into the nitty gritty later on. They are essentially offering you an 80/20 royalty split and a rolling 28 day contact with the aim that all music publishing contracts should be fair to the musician/band. 

If you are interested in their services, the first thing you should do is sign up with your personal details. Then, add all of your song details to your account As well as this, talk to the artist’s services team, register any past or upcoming gigs and discover what royalties you’ll be entitled to. You can then apply to have your music played on adverts, films and many more fantastic exposure opportunities!

Sentric Music Publishing 

Let’s take a look in more detail at the publishing side of what Sentric do. In their own words: “Music publishing is about your songs, not your recordings, but it is essential that the people who look after both of these copyrights have a strong relationship and are in constant communication.” 

Working with Sentric means that you retain the copyright to your songs This is extremely important to musicians, and Sentric regards this as putting the power back into the hands of the artists. Your royalties will be paid directly to you. You can also discover what you are owed in the way of past gigs by uploading them to Sentric Music. 

What Other Services Does Sentric Offer? 


Sentric doesn’t just offer music publishing, as they have other services that may be of use to you. They offer sync licencing, and this can be of great benefit to your career as this provides the possibility of your music being played or associated with a big brand, film or TV show. 

You can check out their website for examples of adverts and films that artists have landed through them. This includes De Montfort University, Lexus, O2 Germany and many more. 

They were nominated for the Best Sync: Trailers and Promos category for the use of Kankouran’s song ‘Rivers’ in the trailer for the sixth season of the TV show Skins at Music+Sound Awards. 

How Much Do You Pay? 


So what will using Sentric Music cost you? The good news is that there are no upfront costs when you sign up to Sentric. Plus 80% of the royalties are paid to you. The encouraging thing about this is that Sentric Music don’t earn any money unless you do. If you do manage to land a sync deal and are paid a fee up-front then Sentric will retain 25%.

Is Sentric Music Any Good? 

So how does Sentric Music stand up in comparison to similar companies out there? In this section we will be making some helpful comparisons, in order to make your decision easier. 

Sentric vs Songtrust

This is a fairly common query from musicians and consumers, who is better: Sentric or Songtrust? Well, in terms of price Songtrust has a signing up fee of $100 while Sentric is free to sign up to. There’s another difference in terms of takings, as Sentric take 20% of an artist’s royalties while Songtrust take 15%. These are the main differences between the two companies, as otherwise they follow a similar path. They both pay royalties directly to the artist, they take a percentage of your sync fee and you own all of the rights to your songs. These companies are extremely similar, so it doesn’t come down to who is ‘better,’ but whether you can afford the initial joining fee for Songtrust, or whether you value the fact that Songtrust take a lesser percentage of your royalties. 

Sentric vs Мusic Gateway 

So we know by now what Sentric can offer you, but what about us here at Мusic Gateway? How do our services compare? In terms of sync licencing, you’ll need to make an account with us and then upload your music to the creative licensing team. Next up, we pitch to potential clients that we believe will be a good fit, and then you get paid! For Non-Exclusive Agreements, you receive 75% of the sync fee and we keep 25%. However you keep 80% if you’ve signed an Exclusive Agreement, and we keep 20% of it. The rights to your songs are 100% yours as well as any backend royalties. 

Мusic Gateway have secured sync licensing for numerous recognisable companies, like Netflix, Disney, the BBC and more. You can check out success stories on the website. Мusic Gateway also offers a range of other services, such as music promotion and music marketing services like TV promotion, radio airplay and DSP playlists (Spotify, Apple Music and others). Similarly to Sentric, our aim is empowering creatives and levelling the playing field for artists. Basically, we like to see the power given back to you! 

Music Gateway Opportunities

Would you like to get in touch with Music Gateway to see how we can help you? Then please use this link to get in touch with us to discuss any opportunities such as Sync Licensing, Music Licensing, Music Clearance, Sync Libraries or Music Libraries, etc., you may want to take further.

You can book a call with Sam – Head of Sync Licensing – as a potential lead. We are always happy to talk to musicians like you. Please do get in touch.

Final Thoughts 

So what is our verdict, is Sentric Music any good? In our opinion it is! We like the fact that there is no joining fee, and that you retain all of the rights to your hard work. This gives artists the confidence that their music is safe, and that it won’t be distributed without their consent. Artists are happy with the royalty rate and the fact that they are paid on time and directly to them, as it cuts out the need for a third party. 

Of course, there are other similar companies that offer the same services, and Мusic Gateway is one of them! All of the companies that we have discussed will provide you with a great service, it’s just a matter of discovering where you believe is the best place for your music. We would recommend doing a bit of research yourself, you could look at peer reviews, industry reviews and talk to like-minded people. Here at Мusic Gateway we would be more than happy to arrange a chat to go through any of your pressing questions!  


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