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Music Publishing

Who Are Kobalt Music Publishing?

Photograph of the blog post author, Chioma Eguzoraku

Chioma Eguzoraku


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Kobalt Music Publishing is a global music rights management company that provides creative and technology solutions for the music industry. They offer services such as publishing administration, sync and brand partnerships, digital distribution, and royalty collection for songwriters, artists, and labels.

Kobalt Music Publishing

Kobalt Music Publishing History

Established in 2000 by CEO Willard Ahdritz, Kobalt primarily functions as an administrative publishing firm without owning any copyrights.

Initially, Kobalt concentrated on gathering and disbursing royalties for artists, aiming to guarantee timely and accurate payments. In 2005, they introduced the Kobalt Label Services Portal, a digital platform enabling artists to monitor and handle their portfolios.

In December 2011, Kobalt acquired Artists Without a Label (AWAL), a digital distribution and label services firm. This granted Kobalt access to AWAL’s digital retail partner network, including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, eMusic, Rhapsody, 7Digital, and more. Additionally, the acquisition enabled Kobalt to provide advanced data analytics to its clients.

Kobalt & Technology

Kobalt has created various technologies to enhance its ability to monitor and gather royalties. In 2005, the company introduced the Kobalt Portal, an online platform enabling artists to oversee and manage their portfolios.

In 2014, Kobalt launched ProKlaim, an integration with YouTube that substantially boosted artist earnings on the platform by that same year. ProKlaim functions as an “advanced detection platform” by incorporating YouTube’s native music detection technology.

Since 2015, Kobalt has referred to its backend technology as “KORE.” This system handles rights management and royalty tracking, collection, and payment across various markets. Users can access the gathered data through the Kobalt Portal.

Closing Thoughts On Kobalt Music Publishing

In conclusion, Kobalt Music Publishing has established itself as a leading music rights management company, leveraging technology to empower creators and maximize revenue streams. With a global presence and a commitment to transparency, Kobalt is well-positioned to continue driving innovation and growth in the music industry.


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