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Record Label

Best Record Labels in Florida

Photograph of the blog post author, Annika Hope

Annika Hope


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Record Labels in Florida

Florida has long been a mecca for music, with the state’s vibrant culture and diverse population providing inspiration to countless artists. As a result, Florida has become home to some of the most influential record labels in the United States. 

These labels have been at the forefront of the music industry for decades, signing and promoting some of the most successful and popular artists in the world. From rap to rock, from Latin to pop, Florida record labels have been integral in shaping the sound of music today. Below is a list of the best record labels in Florida.

Record Labels in Florida

Valholla Entertainment

Record Labels in Florida

Valholla Worldwide Entertainment Group, was established in 2005 by Chairman and CEO Vince Valholla. He created the idea of launching an independent record label to signify a new epoch in the music industry.

Today, the label is home to a diverse and highly talented group of individuals such as: Adam Dollar$, Sin, Xali, The Track Burnaz and many more who are devoted to achieving the highest level of their artistic ambitions.

Valholla has established itself as a successful brand by upholding the belief that reliable, superior content is the foundation for long-term success. Music is just the start of what they offer – artist management, publishing, and video production and more are also part of their services.

Slip-N-Slide Records

Record Labels in Florida

Founded by Ted Lucas in 1994, Slip-N-Slide Records hails from South Florida and has been a major force in the music industry ever since.

Ted and Slip-N-Slide Records have achieved remarkable success, having sold over 30 million records through their discovery of Platinum-selling artists such as Trick Daddy, Trina, Rick Ross and Plies and many more.

For the past quarter of a century, Ted has been an influential figure in the music industry, with Slip-N-Slide Records receiving numerous accolades and even being named the top independent record label  by Billboard. This cemented it as one of the best record labels in Florida.

Slip-N-Slide strives to collaborate with artists in order to help them reach the next step of their professional journey. They emphasize the importance of constructing an artist’s overall image, which will ultimately result in a lasting career.

The label  offers a wide range of services to help artists develop their craft and reach success in the music industry. They create an inclusive atmosphere with all the resources needed for success.

No Idea Records

Record Labels in Florida

No Idea Records is an American independent record label based in Gainesville, Florida that specializes in punk rock and its sub-genres. The label produces both vinyl records and compact discs.

The Fest is an independently operated annual festival that is organized by the label which takes place over 3 days in Gainesville, each fall and features more than 250 musical acts of various genres, such as punk, pop punk, country, heavy metal, indie rock, avant-garde and more.

In 1985, No Idea Records began as a zine created independently by Var Thelin, Ken Coffelt and some of their high school friends. It was not originally intended to be a record label. Var, along with Sarah Dyer and other contributors and collaborators, was in charge of the zine by 1989’s seventh issue.

No Idea has been a cornerstone of the Gainesville punk scene since its inception and is often credited with creating its own unique style of punk. The label has collaborated with grindcore and metalcore artists such as Left for Dead, Acrid, Bombs of Death, Crucible, and many more.

Closing Thoughts

With the help of local resources, such as the Florida Music Industry Association, and the support of the state’s vibrant music scene, record labels in Florida have the potential to become major players in the music industry. With the right strategies and resources, Florida record labels can create a successful and profitable business. 


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