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Record Label

Profiling Drive Thru Records

Photograph of the blog post author, Annika Hope

Annika Hope


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Drive Thru Records

A name that was a driving force in the music industry, Drive-Thru Records was an independent record label founded in 1996 by siblings Richard and Stefanie Reines. The label was based in California and had released albums from a wide variety of artists, including Taking Back Sunday, Something Corporate, New Found Glory, and The Starting Line.

They are known for their unique approach to the music industry, focusing on digital distribution and a fan-first attitude. The label has produced over 100 albums and has become one of the most influential independent labels in music history.

The History of Drive Thru as a Label

After encountering financial difficulties in their attempt to get their bands’ music into stores, the label entered into an agreement with MCA/Universal for distribution. In 2003, MCA was dissolved and merged with Geffen Records. As part of the agreement, MCA/Geffen had the right to sign any band from Drive-Thru’s roster that they desired.

Just after the expiration of their Universal contract, Drive-Thru Records inked a deal with independent label Sanctuary Records. With a fresh lineup of artists, they achieved remarkable success with Hellogoodbye’s “Here In Your Arms” reaching the top 10 platinum list.

For more than a quarter of a century, many members of the label have continued to tour around the globe. Although the label had numerous successes, selling over 7 million records around the world, The Reineses temporarily ceased operations under the Drive-Thru label in 2008.

They are now managing bands and releasing music under the War Road moniker. Their roster currently consists of  Fox Royale, The Roads Below, Airways, Nothing But Thieves, and The Million.

Closing Thoughts

This record label has been a major force in the music industry for years and will continue to be a leader in the independent music scene. They have been an inspiration to many artists and have helped shape the sound of modern music.

In addition to music, the label has also been a leader in the promotion of independent music and DIY culture. They have provided a home for countless bands and have been a major influence in the music industry.

Listen to the best of the record label’s songs on Spotify.


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