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BBC Introducing

BBC Introducing | Music Gateway

United Kingdom, London

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BBC Introducing Live has been dedicated to discovering new music since its launch in 2007.

Since its arrival, it has worked wonders for the music industry. It has given aspiring musicians a platform and a place for their careers to grow. So much so that various BBC Introducing artists have won BBC Music Awards.

The BBC Music Introducing Artist of the Year award gets presented to artists who have made a significant impact.

Most recently, the award went to Celeste in 2019. Who had notably recorded the soundtrack for the John Lewis 2020 Christmas Advert. 

In 2017, 58% of the acts who performed at Reading and Leeds Festival initially uploaded their music to the BBC Music Introducing Uploader. Which shows the impact it can have on an artist’s career.

Continue reading to discover more!

What Is BBC Introducing?

bbc introducing

BBC Music Introducing is a BBC Radio platform that supports unsigned, undiscovered, and under-the-radar UK talent.

Originally, the BBC wanted a new music discovery proposition that was consistent throughout all local and network radio.

BBC Music Introducing was created and chosen as the brand name by Jason Carter, former Head of Live Music at Radio 1.

Carter was also the brand’s figurehead. Until 2017, when Production Manager Rachel Coomber took over as Editor.

How Can Artists Get Involved?

Aspiring artists can can simply upload their music and get the chance of being scouted.

Using the BBC Introducing uploader, artists are able to easily sign up. 

All they need to do is to fill out some information, such as their artist name and postcode, and then they can upload their tracks. It’s that easy!

Once you upload a track, they are sent to various local BBC radio shows where they will get heard by one of the presenters or producers.

If they like what they hear, the track could get broadcasted on local stations and then propelled to the national stage.

This can happen via BBC Radio 1, 1 Xtra, Radio 2, 6 Music, Radio 3, Asian Network, and World Service. 

They also provide rising artists with broadcast opportunities on television and online. As well as the opportunity to perform at established festivals and showcases.

BBC Introducing Programme & Show

bbc introducing

Each week, more than 30 local BBC Music Introducing shows all over the UK play music they have uncovered via the BBC Introducing Uploader.

This is just the beginning. The local shows also advocate the greatest tunes from their area to shows and DJs on Radio 1, 1Xtra, Radio 2, Radio 3, 6 Music and Asian Network.

They also have a live program. BBC Music Introducing LIVE program is the event for up-and-coming artists and those looking to get into the music industry.

This year, it went virtual with the likes of HAIM, Ray BLK, and Jack Garratt. As well as exclusive performances, masterclasses, and panel talks.

BBC Introducing Locations

bbc introducing live

First, your music will be sent to the most local shows. Therefore, when you register with the Introducing Uploader, you will need to enter your postcode.

All BBC Local Radio stations throughout England and the Channel Islands broadcast a BBC Music Introducing program. Starting from 8 pm on Saturday evenings.

BBC Introducing operate all over the country. You can catch them on, BBC Introducing London, BBC Introducing Manchester, BBC Introducing East Midlands, BBC Introducing Kent amongst many others!

They cover most areas of the UK, so look out for your local station!

How To Submit Music To BBC Introducing

bbc introducing live

It’s simple to register and upload your music through the BBC Introducing Uploader.

But, you need to make sure you consider the finer details in order to get noticed:

Create Your Bio

Although your music says a lot about you, it helps to have some supporting material such as an artist bio.

Radio producers want to find something interesting which they can say about your tracks when they play it. 

Include A Picture

Images help you to stand out from the crowd! 

BBC Introducing receives plenty of tracks each week with artist images displayed beside each one. 

In order to grab the attention of the producer, you need to make sure to make your imagery eye-catching, this will be your first impression!

Think About Your Song Length

If a radio programme is only 60 minutes they can only play 12 five-minute songs. 

If you end up sending a 5 min song it will need to be a lot better than all the 2 min songs they receive. This is in order to justify it being played and replacing 2 other artists’ tracks.

Be Picky With Your Tracks!

You are limited to the number of tracks you are able to upload as the quality is more important than quantity.

Keep It Clean

The radio can’t play anything explicit so they have three options:

  • Contact you for a clean version
  • Edit the song themselves to censor any offensive words
  • Skip your track and use a suitable one from another artist

But, to save them from having to do work for you, just keep it clean!

Keep Your Profile Up-To-Date

When you have refined your bio, added an exceptional image, and uploaded your best tacks. Make sure you keep on top of your profile with up-to-date information. 

You may play a high-profile gig, viral tracks or have an image change so make sure your profile reflects it.

Now you have our top tips it is time to add your music to BBC Introducing Uploader!

BBC Introducing Events

music event

Formerly known as BBC Introducing Amplify. BBC Introducing Live is the event that showcases aspiring artists and anyone aiming to get into the music industry

BBC Music Introducing LIVE is one of the UK’s largest, fastest-growing and most exciting music industry events.

It supports and inspires the next generation of industry leaders, artists, and creatives. In 2020, the event took place digitally for the first time, with a week-long program. 

Throughout the event, there is access to top industry professionals. As well as over 30 industry sessions, Q&As, and performances. 

There is also an opportunity to get your music heard in the Feedback Centre!

Masterclasses & Spotlight Sessions

The event began on Saturday 24th October. Where each of the local Introducing radio shows broadcasted a 30-minute Masterclass. 

Hundreds of music industry professionals attended to share their insider knowledge and provide invaluable support for emerging talent.

The line-up included Jack Garratt, Jamz Supernova, Pete Tong, Pendulum, Georgia and Connie Constance. 

As well as masterclasses there were Spotlight Sessions from the most exciting artist from each of the local areas.

Headline Panels

Headline Panels took place daily for a week from 6pm on the Introducing Live website

HAIM, Ray BLK, Tom Misch, Annie Mac, Moses Boyd, and Harpz Kaur offered their expert advice on different panel discussions.

These included, LGBTQ+ Artists Sparking a Revolution and How to Survive Financially in the Music Industry. 

Our Final Thoughts


To get noticed and be supported by BBC Music Introducing upload your best tracks to the BBC Music Introducing Artist Uploader

You can submit your own music to the station if you feel like it would be a good fit. You can also suggest songs by other artists and bands that you would like to hear played. BBC Introducing also host some great live events!

So what are you waiting for? Turn on the radio and listen to BBC Introducing today!  

Take your career to the next level!

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