Backup & manage all your work in one central location
so you can access and share your music and files at anytime

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Your files are easily stored in your own secure area in the cloud, which can be accessed from your mobile, tablet or desktop so you can view & share your work from anywhere at anytime.

Present yourself professionally

Sending your work to clients and partners can be a pain when you’re jumping from one software to another or duplicating folders. Our no-hassle file storage allows you to select files and curate playlists to present with ease.

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Never lose your work

A misplaced phone or stolen laptop can be a nightmare, especially if you’re at a conference or on tour. Save yourself the drama, safely and securely backup all your music, contracts and projects to the cloud on your account.

Manage your data

Your song data can be as important as the music when it comes to securing job opportunities and getting paid properly. Make sure you’re doing it right and keep yourself and your files organised with our metadata management tools.

“No other tech has the same potential to change how our business works; by making things easier, removing frictions and increasing connections between creators, owners and users of music.”

Daniel Jackson

CEO, Cord Worldwide

“It's a much more efficient way of working than sending out emails to labels / publishers and trying to get them to take notice of your music.”

Liz Cirelli

Musician, Artist

“It has all of the features you’d need with options to folder tracks according to your preference and download directly from the system. An invaluable tool and one that I’ll be making use of for the foreseeable.”

Ramin Bostan

Head of A&R at Ostereo

“It’s a great hub to help us manage new music submissions from a wide range of artists across all genres. It’s a big time saver.”

Mark Garfield

Director Pop-Up Music

“It is very easy to manage compared to before, when you had to search through all your emails and never knowing what version of the song that was the latest.”

Patrick Reman

CEO, PR Records Label Group

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Promote your music

Once you've uploaded your music, you can promote your tracks by creating playlists that you can send out to music industry professionals and let us represent your music for licensing in TV, Film, Games and Advertising, which means you get heard by industry professionals as well as getting placed with major artists. Learn more