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Kiss FM

United Kingdon, London

The Beat of the UK


Kiss FM is a UK digital radio station that’s owned by Bauer Radio. The station plays popular chart music, and it has formed a steady stream of loyal listeners since it launched back in 1985. In fact, a survey held from September – December 2019, showed the station boasted a total of 3,798,000 listeners per week.

In this article, we will take a look at all of the important things that you need to know about Kiss FM. We will examine the history of the station, tell you what frequency you can listen on, its playlists and more!

What Is Kiss FM? 

Kiss FM Logo

So, what actually is Kiss FM? And what kind of music do they play? Well, they play mostly pop, dance and hip hop music from the charts. This is as well as some of the more classic songs from those genres. They also host specialist shows in the evenings, covering various genres.

The typical audience demographic for the station is between 15 and 34 years old, with a pretty even split between male and female listeners. The station’s popularity is thanks to its specialism in modern chart music

Not checked out Kiss FM yet? If you think you might enjoy the music that gets played you should check out the Kiss FM playlist. Just do a quick Google search and their website will come up. Here you can find the songs they’re playing day to day. To give you some examples of songs that were played recently: Break Up Song by Little Mix, Don’t Start Now by Dua Lipa, Dinner Guest by Aj Tracey ft. Mostack, Roses by SAINt JHN and In Your Eyes by The Weeknd.

What Frequency Is Kiss FM On?

Two men with microphones on stage

You can listen to Kiss FM through a variety of methods. For example, you can listen through your TV, DAB digital radio, online and on FM. On DAB look for the frequency 12A, or 12C for London specifically. The frequency for DAB in Cornwall is 11B. 

The Kiss FM frequency also varies depending upon where you live. For example in Cambridge it’s 105.6 MHz, for Bristol it’s 97.2 MHz, for London it’s 100.0 MHz and for Norwich, it’s 106.1 MHz. As you can imagine, we can’t list them all or we’d be here forever! But just a quick Google search will give you all the information that you need for your area. 

You can also listen through your TV, as on Sky it’s listed as 0178. You can also listen live online. Head over to their website and the music will start playing automatically – you don’t even need to click anything! Going to Kiss FM online also allows you to listen to older episodes of the show, so you don’t have to worry about missing out! It also means that you can catch up on shows that were presented by your favourite presenter, or go back and replay that cool new song you just discovered!

History Of Kiss FM 

Gold Radio Microphone in the studio at Kiss FM

So what’s the history behind Kiss FM? It’s quite an interesting one actually! The station actually began as a pirate radio station back in October 1985, when it broadcast to South London. It then progressed to the whole city, on 94FM. It was founded by Gordon ‘Mac’ McNamee and his friends Tosca, Pyers Easton and George Power. The station got taken off air a lot, due to it not having a legal licence. However, this didn’t stop them from gaining thousands of followers and listeners. When it got its licence, it became the first UK legal radio station to specialise in dance music. In 2012, Kiss FM became available nationally, and in 2016 the station was launched in Finland and Norway to great success. 

Who Are The Presenters?

There are many different presenters for Kiss radio, and the schedule changes daily. Let’s take a look at who is presenting the show on Monday’s. Freddie’s show begins at 2am for all of you night owls out there, and he plays mostly dance music and remixes. Kiss Breakfast begins at 6am and it’s presented by Tom and Daisy. They play music from the charts, give you the news and chat to celebrity guests. 

Then you’ve got Andrea from 10am, then Kisstory at 11am playing all of those funky old school songs you love. Michael kicks off your afternoon Kiss FM session from 1pm. After that, Tyler takes over from him at 3pm and they both play you the biggest tunes in the charts. It is then over to Alex and Sam to take over the station for the evening. 

The schedule changes depending on the day and time, so you can always head over to Kiss FM online to see when your favourite presenter is on. You can also get in contact with the station online, using the hashtag or @kissfmuk. This is how you request songs and shout outs!

What Events Does Kiss FM Hold?

Stage at a music event with a large crowd at night Kiss FM event

The station hosts plenty of fun Kiss FM live events, so let’s take a look at some of them. Kisstory on the Common is a popular event that is hosted by the station. It’s an all-day festival with multiple stages with different artists/bands performing. Both the 2018 and 2019 events were held at Streatham Common, and they had huge line ups. 2018 artists included Romeo & Lisa Maffia, Big Brovaz, Fatman Scoop and General Levy. While the 2019 line up included Blazin’ Squad, Elizabeth Troy, UK Apache and Artful Dodger. 

They also host events and raves abroad. If you fancy attending one of these events just head to the Kiss FM website and go to their dedicated events page. They have a lot of upcoming events for 2021, such as the Kiss Presents Sunday Pool Parties at BH Mallorca. This is where you can party with the likes of Wideboys, Tinea Taylor and DJ Pioneer. 

If you don’t fancy going abroad and want to attend an event closer to home then Kiss FM live has got you covered! There’s the Kisstory event that’s being hosted in January at the O2 in London. The line-up has yet to be confirmed, but the theme is a club night. They’ll be playing the biggest acts in hip hop, dance and R&B. They are also hosting the Sundown Festival in Norfolk Showground in September 2021. This is where you’ll get to witness fantastic performances from Becky Hill, Sean Paul, Raye and loads more!

Final Thoughts

So there we have it, everything that you could want to know about the radio station Kiss FM. We hope that you have learned something of value from this article. The history behind the station sure is interesting. It’s not that commonly known that Kiss FM began as a pirate station! 

If you enjoy listening to pop, hip hop, dance or R&B music then this is definitely the station for you! Don’t worry if you don’t fit the age demographic – after all age is just a number! Listening to Kiss radio is super easy, and there’s a variety of ways in which you can listen. This is one of the best radio websites that we’ve come across, as it is packed full of all the information that you could need. 

You can always submit your own music to the station if you feel like it would be a good fit, as well as suggest songs by other artists and bands that you would like to hear played. Kiss FM host some great live events that you can attend in both the UK and abroad. So what are you waiting for? Turn on the radio and listen to Kiss FM today!  

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