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Baritone Vocalist, Composer & Actor “Chase Emery Davis” Set To Release New Music This Year

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Chase Emery Davis was born one snowy Christmas in New York City. Attending preschool in Santa Fe, New Mexico before moving to Paris. Although speaking French came as a great difficulty to Davis, he quickly fell in love with Paris and everything that involved growing up in the dynamic city. Living close to the American Library, Davis took acting classes, swam competitively, and in recent years did vocal training. Now having lived in the UK for the past 4 years, Davis is in his last year at Brunel University studying Music Composition.

To start it all off we asked the singer a serious question, to name a funny fact people may not know about him, he simply replied,

“Growing up I learned 5 languages to varying degrees of proficiency. I speak French fluently but I am most proud of Spanish because I learned it primarily by listening repeatedly to audiobooks of “Harry Potter” until my parents wanted to throttle me.”

We asked Davis, what exactly made him want to work in the creative entertainment industry?

“Foremost, I am not linear. I love creativity and have always been inspired to add, change or modify things I find interesting. From early on I was always drawn to music, acting, creative writing, filmmaking, and art.

I have acted in student films, performed in Musical Theatre, National Youth Theatre, Youth Music Theatre UK, Busked in London and was even a virtual character in the video game Beyond: Two Souls.

About 5 years ago my parents decided that the French school system was not supporting my creativity. They decided to pack me off to a boarding school in Cumbria. A beautiful place, rather remote, and I could study what I wanted – music, art, and drama. It was an absolute revelation to me that this was even possible.

I was always destined to be in the creative arts. My parents knew this early on and believed they should just support my creativity wherever it led me and here I am in England doing what I love with fantastic support from creative arts organisations, the likes of which do not exist in France.”

Chase Emery Davis’ music can be described as poetic and similar to musical storytelling. Whether it’s an instrumental or a pop song, his music is always looking for the narrative path in music. Having grown up listening to classical and new age music, discovering other genres quickly allowed Davis to use elements and ideas that interested the singer. Overall his musical influence stems from Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and film composers such as Michael Nyman, James Horner, Alan Silvestri and Joe Hisaishi. Whereas Muse, Coldplay, The XX, Aurora, Keane, and White Lies display his pop influence.  

So when listening to the artist expect to see a style that relatively changes, unless Davis is found working within the parameters of a video/film brief and writing in a specific genre of course.


“My instrumental music is full-bodied and emotive, epic, yet sensitive and I like to use plenty of strings and piano arpeggios. My songs are a sort of progressive pop, which I would call “epic pop fusion”. They have a haunting somber feel with strangely contradictory upbeat choruses. Not quite a pop style but still popular. I love writing melodies, which people can remember but I also enjoy the efficient use of dissonance every now and then.”


With a baritone voice, a good ear, and a skilful vocal styling, Davis is able to mix all the necessary attributes to deliver a heightened emotional experience through his music. We asked the multi-talented musician  what inspires him to creatively deliver work to the  best standard without losing passion for each craft? Davis simply replied,

“As an artist, I love the creative challenge. Passion and curiosity are the energetic drivers for working out the content following the idea. It is all interconnected creative thinking. The medium and the craft or artistry is sort of secondary. I can express myself in music, art, writing, filmmaking, performance and acting.”

Having recently been a child actor and a “Disney loving kid”, the artist has always realised the power of music in television and film. In the near future, Davis plans on setting his goals high with the desire of wanting to write a Disney/Pixar score or musical. We asked Davis if he had any other goals up his sleeve,
“Another goal is to create and perform in an event for a major arena tour.  How will I get there? Keep performing, writing and exploring music and let it all grow organically so I can maintain an authentic voice. And of course, a few spoonfuls of luck to pay the bills en route!”

Right now, the artist is working on self-producing songs, setting up performance showcases in London, and continuing to write and pitch onto Soundtrack projects through Мusic Gateway. Having already had four studio recorded songs and a video in the process of being released, we can expect to hear and see quite a lot of new material coming up early October.
To keep up to date with Chase Emery Davis’ work and upcoming projects, you can simply click here.



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