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Dropbox VS Music Gateway – A Comparison on Behalf of Creative Artists

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Let us start by stating that we love Dropbox and how they have helped change the landscape for online storage and artists allowed everyone to backup, store and manage their beloved files in the cloud.

But like most long distance relationships, our love started to waiver as we started to get increasing demand and feedback from our global community about what it lacked and what would help tick all their creative boxes to make it a cloud storage system that is more tailored for music professionals.

So let’s dig a little deeper into the pros & cons of the two solutions specifically looking at what the core benefits are to people working across the creative sectors and of course our colourful Music Industry.

I haven’t included all the obvious stuff, like sharing folders, but that’s where we have made a big change and I’ll explain why.

Let’s talk about pitching media & music files from your folders!

Some people still think it’s a good idea to share folders to present music to clients. We did some research, spoke to hundreds of clients and here’s some things you definitely need to consider.

You can lose control of your Dropbox folders

If you share a folder (without setting a ton of permissions) you give the person receiving the files access to this folder and everything in it. By default, they can download, access, delete and share your music to anywhere. Security is a major concern for starters. To combat this, what a lot of people do, including myself in the old days, is create a new duplicate folder to copy the files into and make sure it’s outside your core folder structure to finally share. A bit of a pain.

WAVs don’t play in Dropbox

When you share music and video files from folders, they are designed to be listened to without any barriers, login, download etc – basically streamed online. High resolution WAV format audio won’t play in a browser (same for video by the way).

Less clicks = more listens

If you receive MP3 audio files, once you click to play them, Dropbox displays a lightbox screen and gives you a basic play and timeline to skip through. If you want to listen to the next track, you have to close the window, remember where you were at and re-click the next file. Do that 20 times and you will literally go bonkers!

So, the conclusion on Dropbox for creatives.

– No permanent link

– Not designed to play in the browser

– No tools to edit file metadata

– Duplication of folders and files, wasting valuable time for you and your clients

– No bulk transfer service

– Can’t store & manage your song information (including writer % splits) 

We, as creatives ourselves, have developed a full monty Cloud Storage System that ticks all your creative boxes. Bust it loose and work like the pros, with all the cutting edge tools at your fingertips, 24/7 and access everything on the move.

You can get in touch with the team here to discuss your needs or to get cracking, open an account for a free 14 day trial.

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