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Profiling Atlantic Records A&R – Aton Ben Horin

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Aton Ben-Horin

Aton Ben-Horin is currently the Executive Vice President of A&R at Atlantic Records Group, a company owned by Warner Music Group where he assists in the development of fresh talent by finding producers, songwriters, and new songs, as well as providing creative support and resources across WMG’s various recorded music labels.

Who is Aton Ben-Horin?

Beginning his career in the music industry, Aton first joined the touring rock band Atomic Tangerine. During this time, he had the opportunity to share the stage with renowned acts such as Simple Plan and Jimmy Eat World. Later on, he decided to venture into the dance music scene and adopted a new alias, DJ 8on. He then began DJing and producing dance music under this name.

Aton Ben-Horin’s career has been impressive, to say the least. He has lent his music production and A&R expertise to various chart-topping tracks from high-profile artists including Jason Derulo, David Guetta, and Flo Rida. Before embarking on a career with Warner, Aton worked with ‘The Agency’s’ production unit.  While there he collaborated on a number of projects with John Legend and Rick Ross.

Since 2010, Aton Ben Horin has been using his keen eye to create hits under the management of Plush Management. Some of these top songs include JVKE’s “Golden Hour,” Jakke Erixson and Lauren Spencer-Smith’s “Fingers Crossed,” and Johnny Goldstein’s collaboration with Black Eyed Peas, Shakira, and David Guetta titled “Don’t You Worry.”

Aton Ben Horin – Strategy for the Future

Aton Ben-Horin has made it clear that he intends to focus on digital music and streaming services at Warner Music. He believes that this is the key to the future success of the company, and he plans to invest heavily in these areas.

Aton Ben Horin also plans to strengthen the company’s relationships with its artists by creating more opportunities for them to collaborate, perform, and promote their music. He has already launched a new program that allows artists to work together and create new music.

In addition, Aton Ben-Horin plans to expand the company’s global reach by expanding its presence in emerging markets. He believes that this will help the company reach new audiences and increase its revenue.

Finally, Aton Ben Horin plans to continue to invest in the company’s technology and infrastructure. He wants to ensure that the company is well-positioned to take advantage of new opportunities as they arise.

It is clear that Aton Ben-Horin has a clear vision for the future of Warner Music, and he is committed to making it a success. With his plans in place, the company is sure to be a major player in the music industry for years to come.

Closing Thoughts

Ben Horin continues to find talent worldwide, this could be a massive chance to get your music in front of one of the leading figures currently working in A&R. Who knows, maybe one of your songs will be the next big hit!


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