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Meet Iurie Sula – Composer, Violinist, Producer And Manager

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We had the pleasure of catching up with Iurie Sula recently. He’s not only a composer who worked on the internationally award-winning ‘I’m Woman’ theatre show. He also is a violinist, producer and manager! Get to know more about Iurie and his impressive work in the industry…

Meet Iurie Sula

Iurie Sula was born in the Republic Of Moldova in the late 90’s and started his music career very early on by learning to play violin at merely 5 years old.

In 2017 Iurie moved to the United Kingdom, where he has finished college and started his own record label ” Uniform Record ”

Since 2018, Iurie’s goal is to help as many talents as possible to reach their goals in musical career, by promoting them and composing music for them.

At the end of 2018 Iurie was the composer for the internationally award-winning Theatre Show named “I’m Woman ” directed by Dumitru Acrish.

As well, Iurie began to manage the artist “Alex Man “and has signed a record deal with him 

Here’s what Iurie had to say about his recent projects:

I’m Woman

I was asked to compose music for all sets of the theatre show ‘I’m Woman’ by firstly looking at the script, speaking with the director and listening to a lot of theatre music. As my life at that moment was full of work and mostly paperwork, I didn’t have my own studio, so I had to record and write everything in my office. I even had to record the violin live in a non-acoustic place, which now sounds fun, but at that moment I thought it was a total mess and would never finish the work! 

As well, I had limited time of 3 months and a half and there were 24 sets, each one had a different mood, needed to inspire a specific feeling and some of them needed electronic music, so it wasn’t just orchestral music, but was a mix of genres which needed to sound similar and offer different feelings. 

However, the challenge for me was that listening to those tracks doesn’t make any sense without being at the show and seeing actions so I had to go back to their rehearsal quite a lot of times just to understand what melody would speak the same as the actress does. So as a part of Composer/Producer, this challenge has brought me back into composing and writing and have proven that music can be a full-time job and can be monetised as per your satisfaction. 

Managing And Growing

Now I am composing and producing for the artists which I am managing, which is a lot of fun, because we are focusing on Electronic Dance Music and Pop Music, which isn’t really what I have studied, but everyday composing, producing helps to grow and understand what the audience would like to hear and how not to make it too commercial and keep the authenticity of the artist.

Follow In Iurie’s Footsteps

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