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Music Business Worldwide Talk Sync With CEO Jon Skinner

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The amount of money pouring into record companies from sync keeps on growing.

“Music Gateway has this month launched an online Sync Portal to assist music supervisors, brands and ad agencies – offering tailored search tools to uncover the exact sounds they’re looking for.”

Why does Music Gateway believe it can revolutionise the careers of independent and emerging artists?

This combination of reduced sync budgets with an explosion of content investment, claims Skinner, has resulted in a greater need for music in TV, Ads and movie-land

It’s here, he says, where indies and unsigned artists can clean up.

“We are thrilled to be part of Music Gateway’s new Sync Portal where we can showcase our top songs to the leading agencies and supervisors.” Jon Bahr, CD Baby’s VP of Music Publishing and Rights Management

The Sync Portal is off to a flying start, with more than 400 rights holders joining within its first week of launch…Music Gateway is offering a more generous split to artists and rights-owners”

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