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Sam Levin, Winner Of A Free Game-changer Account!

Photograph of the blog post author, Oli De St Croix

Oli De St Croix


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Sam Levin Radio airplay Winner

We interview the winner of Radio Airplay’s monthly competition, Sam Levin! The 17-year-old singer-songwriter and producer hails from New York and already has numerous accolades under his belt. Sams latest single ‘Shades of Pale’ recently took first place in the ‘Alternative’ category of the 15th annual International Acoustic Music Awards (IAMA)!

Sam Levin: “I enjoy songwriting a lot. I get to be a musician, a composer, an artist, a poet, and a storyteller all at once!”

Keep on reading for Sam Levin’s full interview, and learn more about the music that’s kicking up a storm in The Big Apple…

Thanks For Agreeing To This Interview Sam! Could You First Tell Us A Little Bit About Your Background In Music And What Your Role In The Industry Is?

“I’m a songwriter/producer! I started playing the guitar when I was 5, then began to mess around with Ableton when I was 11. I’ve been writing and releasing music ever since! I don’t remember exactly why I decided I wanted to play the guitar at such a young age, but it’s always been something that I’ve loved. The process of songwriting and playing music are both great ways of embracing and sharing your experiences and feelings.”

Briefly Describe Your Sound To Those Who Haven’t Heard Your Music Before!

“My sound is a mixture of musical ideas (sometimes simple other times complicated) and is based upon life experiences, situations, and feelings. I want people to connect with it and make it their own. If you listen to my music and it translates as I’m singing about you and something you’re going through, you’re absolutely right!”

Sam Levin Guitarist Мusic Gateway

We Loved Your Track ‘Shades Of Pale’! Could You Tell Us A Little Bit More About It?

“Shades of Pale is all about fairy tales! It has a tonne of tiny easter eggs that are related to my personal life, which are more for me to enjoy while playing the song. In the end, it was about how we portray ourselves falsely online and are only able to see the perfect rendition of someone’s personality on social media. The lyrics are also meant to be super loose and relatable! Fairy tales are fables that also ring true. They’re about what we want and what we fear, so it’s all up to you how it relates to your story, and which role you want to play!”

How Does Your Songwriting Process Work?

“My process usually consists of piecing together lines that I jot down on-the-go in a notebook (which I take with me everywhere)! Other times I’ll come up with a riff or chord progression I like and go from there. I like writing as a slow burn, although sometimes I also have huge, quick bursts of writing where I’ll start and finish a song in under an hour. It’s a loose process! Either way, I enjoy songwriting a lot. I get to be a musician, a composer, an artist, a poet, and a storyteller all at once.”

You’ve Just Won An Account With Us! What Part Of The Site Do You Think You’ll Be Using The Most?

“I can’t wait to really dig in! Once I set up my Audio Library and my Contacts it’s going to be great. I’ll definitely be using the Sync Portal and the ability to collaborate with other artists on projects also looks really cool!”

What Has Been The Main Highlight For You This Past Year?

“Releasing a new single or album is always a highlight for me. After working long and hard on the process, it’s great to finally share it with everyone and watch the numbers go up. Obviously, winning the IAMA first prize award in the AAA/Alternative category for my song, “Shades of Pale” was also a great highlight! But for me, the biggest highlight is always when I get DMs on Instagram from people who enjoy my music. That honestly makes my whole day every time. I love the thought that I’m helping people out while also doing what I love!”

What Do You Enjoy More: Performing Live Or Recording In The Studio?

Sam Levin Guitar Competition Winner Мusic Gateway

“I like recording more because there is no stress! You can make mistakes, you can experiment, it’s a much more creative environment. Don’t get me wrong, I love performing live, but there’s something special about sitting down in the studio and making whatever your brain can imagine.”

What Has Your Experience Been With Radio Airplay So Far?

“Not too much. I mostly keep my eye on Spotify as a way of measuring my fan base. I would love to have more reach and broaden my fan base, but it can be hard. My guess is the Мusic Gateway Sync Portal is going to be a great chance for that to happen! Music in TV, film, and games reaches such a big audience, it’s a great way for new artists to get heard.”

What Advice Would You Give Someone In A Similar Position To You Or Someone Trying To Achieve What You Have?

“Don’t quit! The music industry can seem discouraging, especially for people just starting out, but the more music that you release, the more pieces of you exist online that other people can hear (and maybe really enjoy!) In my opinion, it’s all about putting yourself out there and adding more music to your name.”

Is There Anything Else You’d Like Our Readers To Know?

“I just put out my 3rd album called “A General Air of Regret“! It’s out everywhere, and you can find all of my music, videos, reviews, links and other info at! Plus, my most used social media is Instagram, which is @thesamlevin. I post a lot of updates and music-related stuff. I’m just so excited to be making music, getting an audience, and participating in competitions like IAMA where I get opportunities like this!”

We hope you enjoyed reading about Sam Levin and his music, and we couldn’t be happier to welcome yet another talented creative to our community! If you’d like to read more interviews about our members or are interested in finding similar opportunities that can accelerate your career in the Music Industry, sign up to Мusic Gateway.


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