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“Like many other great songwriters involved in the project, we met a lot of them on Music Gateway”

Andy Prinz

A&R Manager, Musikvertrieb

“I'm from Argentina and I found collaborators from Nigeria, India and UK. Great people and great collaborators!”

Alfredo Norese


“Other platforms are merely other aspiring music people exploring and finding their way. Not where industry pro's hanging out! Music Gateway can actually get you in touch with the right people at the time.”

Anders Jensen


“Starting out in this industry can be tough and like all industries there are vultures out there preying on the inexperienced. I feel like Music Gateway have my back with the guidance they offer.”

Donna Karein


“I wasn’t expecting to do so much in 5 months when I joined. I am taken by surprise how busy it’s made me in such little time.”

Jas Douglas


“If I'm stuck on say, a lyric for a track, just being able to reach out & bounce off people is invaluable. It makes collaborating so much more open & accessible.”

Josh Allegro

DJ & Producer

“I've made a wonderful connection in Chicago. I have already co-written & performed all vocals as well as co-producing 5 songs of all different genres. It is a very exciting and positive time!”

Maria Lee Carta


“I have gained five times as many new clients from Music Gateway than I have from any other method.”

Paul Baggott


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Save time & stay organised

Communicate with your collaborators, access all the files for your project, provide timeline feedback on the music and curate a playlist of your final work all in one space from your home, the studio or on tour.

Build a network

Posting a project is the best way to build your network whether you’re seasoned or new to the music industry. Get ahead in the music business by working with new people on every music project.

Make better music

Whether you’re a Grammy Award winner or learning how to be a songwriter, collaboration is king when it comes to making good music. Get better lyrics, better production and a better song by reaching out to a global community.

Send your music to the pros

Once you’ve finished new music, organised your files with our easy metadata tools and created industry-level playlists to show off your music and get your music heard. Find A&Rs, Music Supervisors and Record Labels who are looking to place your music with artists and in TV, Film, Video Games and Advertising to help build your career in music and make more money.

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