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Phoebe Willo: An Indie Pop Star in the Making

Photograph of the blog post author, Sebastian Wolf

Sebastian Wolf


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Phoebe Willo

Following the release of her excellent “Buy Us More Time” EP, talented singer-songwriter Phoebe Willo has made a solid start to her career as an indie pop songstress. But could 2023 be a breakout year for the gifted pianist, guitarist, and ukulele player?

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at promising up-and-coming artist Phoebe Willo. We’ll explore her musical background, previous releases, her exciting forthcoming single, and her collaboration with SongBits.

About Phoebe Willo

About Phoebe Willo

Phoebe Willo is a 20-year-old singer-songwriter residing in Brighton, UK. She plays piano, guitar and ukulele and is currently in her final year at Brighton’s Water Bear College of Music. 

Phoebe’s interest in music began early, with a fascination with the piano from a very young age. Moreover, she enjoyed her first taste of a recording studio courtesy of a present received on her 11th birthday. This early exposure to music would prove to be the impetus for Phoebe’s aspirations as a singer-songwriter.

Perhaps one of Phoebe’s strongest suits is her authenticity. Her music is very personal, with many of her lyrics relating to her own experiences. Moreover, Phoebe has stated that music is her passion. She cares little for fame and fortune, instead taking pleasure from people listening to and enjoying her songs. And it’s this genuine connection to her music that makes Phoebe’s songs such a refreshing listen.

Her journey as a singer-songwriter began on September 16th 2022, with the release of her debut single, “My Friend Sarah Tonin”. Within just a week of the track’s release, Phoebe had earned a place on Spotify’s influential “New Music Friday” playlist and had amassed almost 10,000 listeners. It would take just three months for Phoebe to reach 500,000 streams – a figure which currently stands at over 1,000,000.

Aside from her early success on Spotify, Phoebe has also proved a hit on social media. Shortly after her earlier releases, her music began to feature in TikTok videos. Video creators began using Phoebe’s music as a soundtrack for compilation videos summing up the best parts of their lives.  

Phoebe Willo Influences

Phoebe’s music is an eclectic mix of several genres, including indie and dream pop. However, admirably, she prefers to avoid labelling her sound too much. Her influences include an equally eclectic mix of alt-pop and indie artists, such as Lorde, Dave Kushner, Billie Marten, Lana Del Ray, and Genevieve Stokes.

Phoebe Willo Releases

While it’s certainly early days in Phoebe Willo’s promising career, the singer has already shared several memorable and moving songs. With lyrics tackling everything from negative body image and regretting past mistakes to the importance of friendship and the power of music, Phoebe’s songs are as relatable and knowing as they are catchy and danceable.

My Friend Sarah Tonin

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Phoebe’s first single, “My Friend Sarah Tonin” is a heart-warming ode to the importance of friendship. Written during the lockdowns that became synonymous with the COVID-19 pandemic, Phoebe, like all of us, experienced difficult moments of isolation. This song is a relatable reminder of the joy that friendship can bring after such lonely periods. The song’s title is a play on words, referencing the idea of a serotonin-induced natural high brought on by feelings of love and friendship.

Yesterday’s Mistake

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Phoebe Willo quickly followed up her debut with “Yesterday’s Mistake”. The song’s bouncy indie melodies and infectious, energetic beat belie rueful lyrics that discuss the familiar contradiction of dwelling on past mistakes while at the same time wanting to move forward. The song’s Billie Eilish-esque emotive vocals lend a sense of thought-provoking melancholy. However, the track retains an overall feeling of optimism thanks to its energetic indie pop music, injecting the effort with catchy pop sensibilities.

Captured by My Own Monsters

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“Captured By My Own Monsters” is a moving number that focuses on Phoebe’s own battles with negative body image. The track is a deeply introspective offering. Its lyrics narrate the doubts that can crop up in us all as we try and face our inner demons. The song’s stripped-back piano, minimal beats, and tender vocal performance align to create a truly touching music experience.

Buy Us More Time EP

YouTube player

In February 2023, Phoebe released her first EP, “Buy Us More Time”. Alongside her previous tracks, the release also included a poignant acoustic version of “Captured By My Own Monsters” and a striking cover of Easy Life’s “Ocean View”, featuring a laid-back syncopated drum beat, inventive vocal flows, and a catchy earworm of a chorus.

Her recent release – Lost in the Music

Phoebe’s latest single, “Lost in the Music”, is a celebration of music and its almost magical ability to encompass us and provide release from stress. Discussing the single, which was released on July 21st as part of an exciting SongBits campaign, Phoebe said, “I wanted to write a song about what happens when we allow ourselves to really immerse ourselves in a great track. Music has an almost magical power to wrap around you when you need it, like therapy. You can completely lose yourself in a song, and all your stress dissolves as the song takes you over.”

“Lost in the Music” will be Phoebe’s first collaboration with SongBits, the forward-thinking online platform that aims to support emerging talent by providing access to new funding solutions and enhanced fan integration. 

Renowned music and fashion publication Clash recently featured an editorial on Phoebe’s continued rise in the industry, which you can read in full here.

Phoebe Willo + SongBits


In these early stages of her career, Phoebe has partnered with SongBits, an innovative new fan funding platform. Through the sale of small slices of a particular song, called ‘bits’, SongBits helps artists to create new revenue streams and build a personally invested fan base.

With the purchase of bits, fans can own part of the streaming rights for a song from one of their favourite up-and-coming artists. Doing so means they will personally receive a share of any streaming revenue that the song earns on major digital service platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.

This exciting concept is helping artists achieve a new level of fan interaction and commitment while offering new funding possibilities. Interestingly, SongBits is backed by big industry names like Dave Stewart, one half of the Grammy award-winning electropop band Eurythmics and a long-time supporter of Music Gateway.

SongBits utilises blockchain technology to facilitate the buying and selling of bits. However, no crypto experience is necessary to make the most of the platform. After creating an account, users can buy a bit, which is equal to a millisecond of a song. Prices start from just $0.06 per bit, making the platform accessible for all.

While SongBits is a relatively new startup platform, the wealth of experience in the team, the new revenue channels it offers musicians, and the opportunity it presents for fans to get more involved in the careers of their favourite artists is a groundbreaking development that could revolutionise artist funding and fan integration.

Phoebe’s “Lost in the Music” is set for release on July 21st, and the track’s SongBits sale will begin on July 28th. 

Final Thoughts on Phoebe Willo

Final Thoughts

With a solid start to her fledgeling career, the future looks bright for Phoebe Willo. Her upcoming single, “Lost in the Music”, promises to develop further the sound musical ideas she has shared so far. Moreover, her exciting work with SongBits can only help her innovative music reach new audiences.

With new music in the works and plans for more live performances in the near future, we can all look forward to hearing more from this exciting singer-songwriter very soon.

Do you want to be the next SongBits artist? Get involved and potentially be the next campaign by applying below.


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