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Boomplay For Artist Guide

Photograph of the blog post author, Annika Hope

Annika Hope


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Boomplay For Artist – what is this exactly? Looking for another streaming and distribution platform? One that is catered towards African musician lovers? Well, you have come to the right one today. We will take a deep dive into the benefits of this platform and how you can use it. So let’s get started, shall we? 

What Is Boomplay For Artist?

Boomplay for Artist is a music streaming and distribution platform developed by Transsnet Music Limited. 

It is an online music streaming platform that caters to African music lovers. The platform allows music artists and labels to upload, store, and distribute their music to fans in Africa and beyond. It also offers music fans an opportunity to discover new music and artists.

Boomplay for Artist provides a range of features and tools to help music artists and labels manage their music distribution, promotion, and monetization. It offers a wide range of tools such as analytics, social media integration, and music distribution. It also provides artists with access to a global audience, enabling them to reach new fans and monetize their music.

The platform also offers a variety of subscription plans for music fans. These plans offer music fans access to exclusive content, discounts, and other benefits. 

Additionally, Boomplay for Artist offers a variety of promotional tools, such as promotional campaigns, music videos, and artist profiles, to help music artists reach a wider audience.

What Are The Benefits Of Boomplay For Artist?

1. Reach a larger audience: Boomplay has a large user base in Africa, giving artists the opportunity to reach a wider audience.

2. Get paid: Boomplay pays artists for their music and gives them access to a variety of monetization options.

3. Promote your music: Boomplay provides artists with the ability to promote their music through its platform, helping them to reach more fans.

4. Track your success: Boomplay provides analytics and insights into how your music is performing, giving artists the ability to track their progress and make changes as needed.

5. Connect with fans: Boomplay allows artists to interact with their fans and build relationships with them.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Boomplay For Artist?

1. Limited Reach: Boomplay is mainly popular in African countries, so it may not be able to reach a global audience.

2. Low Revenue: Boomplay pays a lower royalty rate than other streaming services, so artists may not make as much money from their streams.

3. Limited Promotion: Boomplay does not offer as many promotional tools as other streaming services, so it can be difficult for artists to get their music heard.

How To Set Up A Boomplay For Artist Profile

1. Download the Boomplay app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

2. Create an account using your email address or phone number.

3. Select the “Artist” option when prompted.

4. Enter your artist name and upload a profile picture.

5. Enter your artist biography and upload your music.

6. Connect your social media accounts to your Boomplay profile.

7. Promote your music and engage with fans on Boomplay.

How Music Gateway Can Help You

As a company that is skilled in music distribution for artists, we can help you with this area of your music career. We can help you get verified for usage on the platform. 

Our services allow your music to be released on a platform just like Boomplay for Artist, and we can also distribute your music to other platforms if this is something you would be interested in. 

Our skills in terms of music promotion are also top notch and we would be really excited to see you grow as an artist. Music needs to be listened to and more people are choosing streaming websites to do this. Just like Boomplay For Artist. 

By working with us, you will be able to retain 100% of your sales royalties. Now you can’t argue with that. So, why not join a roster of artists using our exclusive music marketing and music promotion services to build your future success

Closing Thoughts

This music streaming platform has a bright future and we think you should be a part of it.  So what are you waiting for. Be curious and check them out. You can find out more about the site here.


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