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Introducing the Recording Artist Known as Cymbol

Photograph of the blog post author, Annika Hope

Annika Hope


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Who Is The Artist Cymbol?

Cymbol, is an up-and-coming recording artist. He has been making waves on the music scene with his unique blend of soulful pop, dance and R&B. His music is uplifting and meaningful . It is thoughtful and inspiring lyrics against catchy dance beats. 

Cymbal’s original sound combines classic soul, modern pop, dance and a hint of hip-hop. His live performances across Australia and NZ are energetic and engaging. He has a strong stage presence and a knack for connecting with his audience. 

Cymbol’s Background

Born into a musical family, he grew up with a guitarist father and sisters who were singers. They nurtured his love for composition. Additionally, he went from winning the George FM (popular NZ dance music station) Remix Competition in 2013 to international collaborations. Cymbol secured a deal with big Australian label Sweat It Out Music.

Record Deal & Festivals

After a series of remix contest breakthroughs and high radio rotation, Cymbol struck a three-year deal with Universal AUS/NZ. As a result, this saw him hit major festivals across the country, including Rhythm & Vines, Electric Avenue and Homegrown.


Cymbol’s single ‘Nainowale’, has been his first combination of childhood Bollywood influences. It features two guest vocalists as part of his endless combination of other influences into his unique brand of dance-pop. 

We are happy to say that Cymbol has been featured in various music publications and radio shows. In addition, his music has also been praised by critics and his fans.

It is important to mention that his music has a universal appeal, which is what every artist wants and he has been embraced by listeners of all ages. Cymbol is an artist to watch out for – he is sure to make a lasting impression on the music industry and we’re interested to see how his musical journey progresses.

Where Can I Listen To Cymbol’s Music?

You can listen to Cymbol and follow him on Spotify here. Happy listening!


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