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Chantelle ‘Confessions Of Me’: Moving And Deeply Personal – Out Now

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Proud Londoner and upcoming R&B singer-songwriter Chantelle has recently unveiled her stunning and deeply personal single, ‘Confessions Of Me‘. – Out Now

‘Confessions Of Me’: Emotive

With a delicate acoustic feel, ‘Confessions Of Me’ is a shining testament to her talent and skill as a singer and songwriter. Honest and straight-talking, ‘Confessions Of Me’ is Chantelle displayed as her most authentic self. Exploring self-acceptance, self-love and personal growth, the track was written with a startling level of honesty, reading more like a private diary than a song.

Inspired by tracks like Ariana Grande‘s ‘Needy’ and Sasha Sloan‘s ‘Thoughts’, Chantelle loved how they portrayed who the artists truly were,  and what they were thinking, that she wanted to create that for herself.

I want to stress that yes, self-love is so important, but it’s a journey, and it’s okay to notice your flaws and not like them, but it’s a lot better and easier on yourself mentally and physically to learn to accept yourself for who you are because only you can change yourself for the better and only you will be there for you at the end of the day.

Released under Key Changes Records, the label is a mental health charity that provides recovery services throughout the community by using music as a means of catharsis and therapy.

Who Is Chantelle?

Chantelle is a 22-year-old Alternative R&B songstress. Her style is defined by her honest, straight-talking narratives infused with sweet serenading vocal melodies. 

Hoping to maintain her artistic momentum, Chantelle has been hard at work honing her craft as a singer-songwriter whilst giving back to her local community through her work with mental health charity Key Changes. Through Chantelle’s introduction to the charity, both her mental health and her music began to flourish.

Using the skills and experiences provided to her through Key Changes and her experience as a self-taught poet, Chantelle now has a healthy creative outlet in which she can channel her thoughts and feelings, be they negative or positive. Through this time of self-reflection and focused creative intention, the idea behind ‘Reserve and Remind‘ was conceived, Chantelle’s most raw and honest work to date.

Speaking on her stance as an artist and the meaning behind her debut EP, Chantelle states:

“I haven’t put something out like this before. I don’t want to be put under a false facade; what you see is what you get with me. Sometimes I have a messy head of emotions, and sometimes I’m on top of the world. Right now especially, we need to be truthful and respective of ourselves. There seems to be a blockage sometimes with other artists out there; where they’re afraid to show their true selves. I don’t ever want to fall into that category”. – Chantelle

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