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Eixo ‘I Don’t Need A Hero’ – A Haunting Look At Feelings Of Inadequacy

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We have another incredible track coming your way from Salt Lake City based songwriter and producer Eixo! It is his second collaboration with singer Marie Yzark, the first being the slow, reflective “Dopamine”.

I Don’t Need A Hero – Pure Indie Pop Emotion

The new single “I Don’t Need a Hero” lands on August 13th, and is haunting Indie-Pop perfection. Intertwining elements of Trip Hop, Electro Pop and Trap, singer Marie Yzark’s emotive vocals interlock with the dreamy soundscape underneath. The beautiful amalgamation of the gentle soprano, thudding beats and lyrics such as “You don’t need to be a hero, I’ll take you as you are if you take me as I am” creates a moving, almost eerie intensity.

Eixo I dont need a hero release

Dreamy guitars underpinned with synth gives way to intense crescendos of percussion, creating a fully-rounded musical journey for the listener. Lyrically, the track explores the feelings of inadequacy that may lead a person to pull away emotionally. 

Who Is Eixo?

Eixo music

A songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer born in Brazil, Eixo is making waves in the music world. For him, the emotion in the song is the driving force behind everything. It is clear to hear the producer’s influences, with the track’s soft vocals complimenting the production underneath. Think Phantogram, Lana Del Rey and Lorde mixed with the likes of David Guetta, Zedd, CHVRCHES and Calvin Harris. 

Eixo music producer

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