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Introducing Our Verified Accounts

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Introducing our verified accounts

We’re pleased to have launched our verified accounts, an exciting new feature that enhances your profile ensuring that members on the platform know that your music is of the highest standard and provides your account with a seal of authenticity.

The green shield is the perfect asset to your profile, Music Gateway has members with various skills within the industry and also a wide range of companies. These members will be assured that your work is of an excellent standard. Alternatively, if you are a project owner you can be satisfied in the knowledge that those pitching are providing quality and as a result, your project can be as successful as possible. 

What does having a verified account entail?

A verified account will be visible to other members on the site, the stamp of approval will be a way for members to recognise that the potential work prospects are workers of a professional standard and that the music available to them is of the highest quality. This is a beneficial feature for everyone on the site. As well as this, you also get:

  1. Automatic access to the workspace – Meaning that you surpass the pitching A&R process*

    You receive a higher pitching position – Meaning that your pitch is one of the first a project owner will hear, better make it a good one
  2. Increases your chances of success – The platform is host to various well-established labels, publishers etc. With a verified stamp, these companies will trust that what they’re listening to is of the highest quality.

How to get verified

One of the most important things when it comes to being considered for verification is a complete profile, this does not mean just uploading audio to your profile. We want to get a sense of who you are, so be sure to include details such as a detailed bio, any relevant images and videos.

Having a complete profile massively benefits you as a member, people want to get an understand of the artist they could be working with so will check out your profile. Your profile is where you can sell yourself as an artist.

Your profile will then have to go to review, and a team of industry experts will qualify your profile.

A verified account will only be visible to pro/business members, so if you know your account should be verified, you can upgrade here

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