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Monetisation for Classical Composers with Classical Archives

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The Classical music audience often gets over looked in this modern day and age, but honestly, where would we be without it?

What would the helicopter attack scene in ‘Apocalypse Now’ have sounded like without ‘Ride of the Valkyries’, or ‘Die Hard’ without ‘Ode to Joy’?

Even the booming video games industry is using more and more classical music; just look at the immensely popular ‘Elder Scrolls – Skyrim’, or the world famous online ‘World of Warcraft’ game.

Classical music was arguably the height of intelligence in music, and you can stream and buy from the web’s largest collection of it at Classical Archives.

Classical Archives is the web’s largest collection of Classical Music hosting 883,000 songs to stream or purchase, by 18,000 composers and 76,000 artists from over 500 recording labels.

They were brought to our attention recently and we wanted to make our registered composers and avid readers aware of this fantastic resource. Monetising your music as a classical composer can be tricky, especially in when companies like Soundcloud, Spotify and Pandora are continuing to shape the music industry in ways never seen before. Choosing the right platform from which to launch your music campaigns is vital.

The fact that the Classical Archives are a specialised source of music dedicated to only that Genre allows them to be much more effective at drawing in new Classical music and classical music listeners. The sheer number of composers and artists with Classical Archives makes them a clear choice. Working with a specialised company that caters specifically to the classical music genre is a much more beneficial way of selling and monetising your music. Yes, there’s iTunes & Amazon, but these are not dedicated genre specific platforms, and the limited amount of classical music ultimately gets lots amongst the various other genres. Classical Archives has the largest collection of classical music available on the web and are dedicated specifically to this genre. It’s not hard to discern why you should want your music with them.

For selling direct to your fans, Classical Archives are a clear choice, first however, you must have finished and commercially ready material to release. Collaborating is a great way to expand your audience and your original material, if you need session musicians for your compositions, or mixing or mastering you can find these all through Мusic Gateway. Get started and create your own project here!

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