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New On The Music Promotion Roster: Kenkodie

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New On The Music Promotion Roster: Kenkodie

Meet the new addition to the music promotion roster: Kenkodie!

Born in France to Congolese parents, he moved to the UK aged 5. His influences offer him a worldly buffet of music, defining his palette. From listening to Congolese artists like Kofi Olomide, as well as Moroccan and Senegalese music through childhood friends, his family influence of French pop & hip-hop; All of these combined were part of the encouragement for Kenkodie to aspire to a career in music.

Kenkodie music promotion roster

Kenkodie’s music is a melodic fusion of Hip-Hop, Afrobeats and dance, taking influence from his utter love for the exploration of music.

Far from sticking to the status quo, Kenkodie cherry picks aspects of other world-conquering genres in order to create something unique and different.

Kenkodie Breaking Down Barriers

Kenkodie is creatively expressing himself in his solo projects. On top of breaking down the urban/commercial barrier to unify music moguls and mainstream masses under one music-loving roof. His versatility and consistency is something that every artist strives for to stay relevant. However, it’s something that comes naturally to Kenkodie, who is always one step ahead with his unstoppable creativity. All of which is demonstrable in his ability to have his melodies humming in your thoughts long after you hear his music.

Kenkodie will release his brand new single ‘Summer Dun’ on November 22nd 2019! Make sure to follow him on Spotify to be the first to hear the new release.

Kenkodie new music

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