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Networking: Why We Should All Do It

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We’ve spent countless days and hours networking our socks off so that we can offer you opportunities you might only dream of. The truth is, no matter what stage you are at your career, there is always worth in networking. Not convinced? Well, let us tell you our story and how it helps our members at Мusic Gateway.

Why should you network?

A well-known fact is that the music industry is built on relationships. The right connection can open many new doors for your career so there is always a great worth in doing so. It’s exactly the same as collaboration, connections get your further.

 Collaborating to Success


 Quickfire benefits of networking:

– Expand your business connections

– Increase awareness of your personal/company brand

– Find new opportunities for yourself or your business

– Make the first step towards securing a new partnership

– Touch up on existing relationships

– Introduce your current connections to new connections

– Free beer and wine! (well… usually)

What have we achieved so far?

After journeys, near and far, we are pleased to have sourced a number of brilliant opportunities for our loyal members. Each project and partnership we secure is with the goal of providing you with more high-level opportunities and to ever increase your memberships value.

We’re now working with a number of partners, just to name a few we work closely with the likes of PRS, PPL, BASCA, BPI, All That Matters, AIM, MPA and more.

You’ll also have noticed the increase in sync licensing projects and song cut opportunities. This is all of the back of the relationships we have forged, where the majority of last year saw our team travel to most major conferences and events from across the globe. We practically did it all to bring opportunities to our community.

We’ve secured a number of free tickets and discounts to top industry networking events for our members including one that’s currently on the site giving members the chance to get free tickets to B2B networking event Midem. Here’s an example of how our members have benefited from these exclusive free opportunities; view here.

MIDEM Networking Event in France

Take a look at some of the other places we’re attending this year:

A&R Worldwide Musexpo – (LA)  17th April – 20th April

Collision (New Orleans) – 25th April – 28th April

I Create Music ASCAP EXPO (LA) – 28th April – 30th April

Canadian Music Week (Toronto) – 2nd May – 8th May

Great Escape (Brighton/UK) – 19th May – 21st May

Buma Music in Motion – 24th May

Sound City (Liverpool / UK) – 28th May -29th May

Midem – 3rd June – 6th June

AIM Indie Week (New York) – 13th June – 16th June

New Music Seminar

Britsh LA Sync Mission (July) (note you have to be from the UK and a member of the BPI / AIM / MPA) PMA Expo (LA) Sept

Guild of Music Supervisors EXPO (LA) Sept

PMA Expo (LA) Sept

Music Matters (Singapore) – 12th Sept – 15th Sept

Reeperbahn Festival  – 21st Sept – 24th Sept

London Sync Sessions (London/UK)

Amsterdam Dance Event – (Amsterdam / Holland) 21st – 23rd Oct

Music Connected (AIM)

Is all Networking done Face-to-Face?

Whilst this is one of the main ways of networking it’s not always possible to meet new connections face to face. This can be a lengthy process and quite expensive if you have to travel great distances.

Through Мusic Gateway we allow you to expand your connections through pitching to new project opportunities as well as posting your own projects to connect with the industry professionals you seek. By removing barriers such as time, money and distance we help you connect with new professionals from the comfort of your office, studio or home. Not all relationships are built through networking sessions along with a few drinks, connections can also be made through a mutual interest and need. Then of course, your new contact will have their own contacts to introduce you to. So online networking really isn’t all that different to face to face networking. Both have their benefits so we can encourage you to practise each approach.

Make new connections today

Want to get connected to new industry connections today? Well watch out for discounted/free tickets we offer to key industry networking events through Мusic Gateway, for example we’re giving away 2 free tickets to this year’s Midem conference in Cannes (view here), or make your own opportunities by posting projects to find your next likeminded business connection to work with.

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