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Phonetix – Benito Miguel

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Jonathan Robinson


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Summery jazz flavours and modern electronic pop. A combination that spits out endlessly catchy and enjoyable tracks. 

Benito Miguel

The consistent contemporary beat creates an accessibility and immediate familiarity. Prompting an instant likeability, this has the work grab you in seconds. In accompaniment, chunky disco rhythms on a distant guitar paint a scene with a Mark Ronson-esque landscape. As this begins to develop, become more consistent in its motifs and rhythmic play, the surrounding supportive elements fade away. 

More and more the sound of a faraway horn becomes a lead factor in the mix. After some cueing fills the smooth, jazz phrasing takes over. Maintaining resolutive phrasing with a dynamic reflectivity, the lead responds perfectly to changes in the track.

For some sections, the work leans particularly heavily on common progressive movements in contemporary radio pop. However, the catching lead line adapts appropriately without every losing its stylised colouring.

Benito Miguel is a grabbing and danceable, yet authentically musical approach to instrumental pop. There are subtleties to the arrangement that don’t necessarily take up much of the stage in place of the defining lead. However, upon repeat listening the depth of the instrumentation becomes more apparent. 

In particular, the resonant synth swells that become so apparent as the track’s finale. With more careful reception, these are heard throughout, along with other electronic embellishments that cement the work’s modernity and contemporary production style.


“Phonetix (pronounced “foh-net-ix”) is a gold-certified, award-winning music producer & electronic artist; responsible for hundreds of tracks under a slew of pseudonyms over the past 14 years. He also runs Riddler Records, an independent record label specialising in underground Electronica.

His second album ’27 Months’ was released in the latter part of 2019. Singles from the LP received support from the likes of Roni Size, DJ EZ, MJ Cole, Hospital Records, the Wideboys, Kissy Sell Out, DJ Q, Matt Jam Lamont, Becky Saif & Impact.”

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