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Kibs is an artist that embodies the spirit of the modern era. A versatile 16-year-old Rapper born in Poland and based in the UK.

Let’s take a look at Kibs’s tracks and review his debut single ‘Money’.

Kibs has had many musical influences however he accredits the pivotal influences in his music to Central Cee, Abra Cadabra, BGody, and Kwengface. Though his influences all hail from the
UK’s musical-centre, London, Kibs is uniquely tackling the scene from his Northamptonshire hometown.

Kibs is producing music that is enjoyable, easy-going, and fun, yet still seeks to evoke thought and tell stories. He hopes to ‘make the people around him proud and to fulfill his dreams’.

January 2021 saw Kibs’s latest release “Life”, a UK Rap-style track, covering current topics like his viewpoint on the youth in today’s world. The track also touches on heartbreak, hard work, and his ambitions to “blow”.

With the momentum from “Life”, he hopes to continue releasing music that will showcase his lyrical talent, creating skilful pieces of music. His music exhibits his vocal capabilities, and certainly cements his style as an entertaining, and confident rapper with a lot to say. This music could challenge our perception, and inspire new, young artists.

Kibs’s first official single ‘Money’ is an easy-listen rap track with a catchy chorus, where Kibs highlights the importance of money to himself, and other people in his environment. Specifically he emphasises the work ethic that he, and many of his peers share.

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