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Singer-Songwriter Naheli: Sync Success & Future Collaboration

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Introducing… the amazing Naheli!

Who Is Naheli?

An adventurer in both life and music, this European-Egyptian mystical pop and soul singer-songwriter has had incredible success in both the streaming and sync worlds. Constantly on the move, Naheli soaks up ideas like a creative sponge that isn’t afraid to take turns and detours.

singer songwriter naheli


Naheli began writing songs at age 12, saying that “It was more like the songs just came out of me and chose me as a tool to be created”. A true artist in every sense of the word, creation is the key driver for her work. For Naheli, it’s about finding the right words, crafting timeless melodies and seeing projects develop a life of their own. 


Naheli’s passion for her craft shines in a song like ‘Empire’. This is an anthem questioning the realities perceived by individual beings. After this dazzling release, Naheli fully emerged into the spotlight in 2020 with the show stopping track ‘Waves’. The music video for the track now has over 100,000 views on YouTube!

With an exotic familiarity, her songs invite the listener to detach themselves from reality. This encourages them to drift into a meditative state, whilst being moved on a deeply emotional level. And of course, it is her distinctive voice that binds the elements together and touches listeners around the world. To hear Naheli’s extended catalogue, simply get in touch.

Sync Success

daytime nightmare movie

Currently in post-production, the 2020 Thriller movie ‘Daytime Nightmare’ will feature Naheli’s music in the end credits! The movie focuses on the character Lucy, and how her life changes when her own mind turns against her and her nightmares become her daymares.


With collaboration and experimentation a key part of her work, Naheli says that “Connecting with other artists, collaborating and creatings songs with them opens up endless possibilities to create new worlds by fusing two or more artistic worlds together.” 

Naheli’s aim is to create music that makes people “feel excited about being mentally and emotionally moved, encouraged to dive deeper into considering different perspectives and feeling understood, if they experience an internal struggle (e.g. due to different cultural backgrounds) themselves.” 

Don’t miss the chance to work with this talented artist! Naheli is looking for further Sync opportunities to showcase her music in all of its glory. Find out more information on our Sync opportunities and how to get your own music in Film and TV below.

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