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Top 4 Reasons Why Musicians Need a Website

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Top 4 Reasons Why Musicians Need a Website

Do you really need a website for your music? With Facebook, YouTube, and all the musician-specific social networks out there, you might think that your own .com is obsolete.

But even in the age of free social media profiles, it’s more important than ever to have your own website. Here’s why:

#1 You own the address

First, with your own domain, you’re guaranteed to own that little slice of the Internet. As long as you renew it, it will always point to your website. Even if you switch hosting companies, you can transfer your domain so your fans will always be able to find you.

This isn’t the case with social networks. They can get bought out, lose out to competition, or simply become un-cool. Thousands of bands relied on their MySpace page as their home base, and look how that turned out…

#2 You own the experience

With your website you also own the experience. You can control what your fans see, when they see it. This means:

  •  – No Distractions

Unlike with social networking sites, on your website there are no ads and links to distract your fans. You’re able to really focus on your music and your brand.

 – No Design Limits

With your own website, you don’t have any design limits or restrictions. If you want to add a blog, or put a hi-res press kit for download, or even a special “fan-only” page, you can. Your website gives you the opportunity to make a deeper connection with your fans, without the limitations of a one-size-fits-all social network.

#3 You can sell direct-to-fan

If you’re selling music or merch, having your own website is even more critical. With your own website, you get to keep more of the revenue by selling directly to your fans.

Plus, when your fans buy directly from your online store, they can also join your mailing list at the same time. That way you can let them know about new music and videos, tours, crowdfunding campaigns, and more.

#4 You can link your Social Media to it.

Social media is great, but limited. Twitter allows 140 characters, Instagram doesn’t allow links, Facebook posts tend to disappear into the oblivion. A website is the place where the big information can go, and social media is where you can promote it.

So that’s why you need a website, but how do you get started? We’ve got some great deals on website services exclusively for Мusic Gateway members over on our members pack.

If you need any help gathering all the content for a website then remember that you can get photographers for your head shots, graphic designers for artwork & album covers and a producer to polish off your finished tracks over on our Marketplace.

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