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Vertigo – Cry Red

Photograph of the blog post author, Jonathan Robinson

Jonathan Robinson


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Theatrical voicings and movements. Catchy melodic phrasing and anthemic hooks. Twinkling guitars embellish huge pads that absorb the mix while a determined acoustic guitar strums through it all.


The track opens by immediately setting the dark overtone. With dramatic string sounds and dry, chunky drums building a stage. The strings step back to allow the smooth vocal delivery to take the lead. 

The vocal melody is a simple one, bouncing between tonal anchors for rhythmic play. This offers a dynamic sense of pace to the track’s delivery that contrasts with the steady strumming and percussive patterns. Evolving into Matt Berninger style progression, the delivery maintains an almost fragile, yet passionate authenticity as it melts into the striking lift of the chorus.

A performative lift of intensity then takes place across the board. Though not so contrasting to break the motifs already established, each element of the instrumentation pushes just that bit harder for the chorus. This is represented most of all in the sudden shift in vocal delivery. Jumping the octave for a higher and more intense portrayal of the work’s emotional content.

In an excellently received transition back into the verse, the cadential walk out of the chorus merges slowly into the second verse. This careful compositional approach to the shift maintains the effect of the sudden shift without defining it as a novelty.

Throughout the track, the theme and mood created in the opening seconds is carefully maintained. Emphasising certain emotional points in the guitar solo, the vocal lead steps aside for meandering melodic work that layers over the now familiar textural bed of sound.

Vertigo is an emotionally charged pop ballad that undoubtedly stands up with the quality of its peers. Fitting in perfectly amongst high-hitting examples of the sound, the track holds its own against a wave of similar outputs.

  • Overall rating: 7/10
  • Pairs well with: Rule The WorldTake That

About Cry Red

‘Formed in London, UK by songwriter and musician Anthony Hutchins on the back of original studio recordings with singer and BBC’s “The Voice” finalist Karl Michael, Cry Red have performed their catalogue of epic pop rock songs to much acclaim throughout prestigious venues in the UK such as London’s The 100 Club, whilst recording with leading producers such as Brit Award winner Chris Potter (The Verve, Richard Ashcroft).  The Cry Red line up in 2020 features Jayson Keeler (Vocals), Anthony Hutchins (Guitar & Keys), Bruno Centofanti (Guitar), Dom Peyton (Bass) and Ed Boateng (Drums).’

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