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Songwriter team SAINT ROCK

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Songwriting and music production team SAINT ROCK, is the kind of magic that happens when you put two musicians, songwriters and producers together. Adam Parker and Fabian Faupel share a deep passion for quality pop music and have been working together since 2016 building a repertoire. They are constantly working to create fresh content from London, UK and Paris, France.

Their music is very flexible and they work on a whole bunch of projects “Not being completely genre specific, we make music for all types of occasions, depending on what the needs of our clients are: Writing for a release or film/tv placements, for recording artists, bands or DJs, companies, tv series, movies, commercials or other corporate opportunities.” They do however feel most at home in the pop universe, whilst branching out into R&B, EDM, Soul. We really enjoy writing EDM, our first 2 tracks we wrote together were EDM and we always enjoy the writing process.

And those first two tracks were essential for the collaboration of this duo. They originally got together before summer 2015 so Adam could lay down some vocals on a track that Fabian was working on. They began working on a new track together after the summer, met up together in Menorca in 2016 and have been working together ever since! Their goal at the time was to “create and produce some very current pop tracks and build up a catalogue.” That goal has moved slightly now with more of a focus on sync and getting their music into the hands of some top music supervisors whilst still always working on the catalogue.

So I guess now the main question is the way in which they expand this catalogue. What is their secret to their songwriting success? Well, they let us in on some tips and techniques! The most important part of the songwriting process according to Adam is the very beginning of writing the track. Or really, what comes before they even begin writing… research! When they write for a specific artist they first create the right playlists with reference tracks most going towards the direction of the artist and their selected sound. They then listen to these and figure out structures, hear rhythms within the chords and general time signatures of those particular songs within that genre.

Only after this, once they have a general idea of the sound, they sit down to begin drafting up concepts/situations or even stories they could potentially mould into lyrics. “Tracks in the current top 40 usually have a great concept or message within them, whether they have a cool sounding title or not the message is very clear within the lyrics. And this is why we love creating relevant lyrics but also we enjoy giving the tracks edgy titles.” Once the lyrics are down, they work on the vocal melodies, fitting the melodies around the lyrics.

Some tips that Adam offered for songwriters out there is to “Be unorthodox in your writing, branch out and use different instruments, record strange samples, take elements from other genres.”

The duo usually work mostly on the A&R side of things but have been looking more at the sync side of things lately. Working with our very own Jack, head of Мusic Gateway’s sync team, they’ve been going for more sync placements. “Jack’s been great, very responsive and very professional. Helped get our music in the right hands and that’s been the most rewarding part of it.”

They have also been using the site in other ways, having made a couple of playlists and added metadata to all of their tracks. “I really enjoy Мusic Gateway’s user-friendly site, makes everything very clear and easy.” Adam says.

They have also been expanding their sound with some new instruments lately. Their favourite thing to use at the moment is anything unusual sounding, “whether it be a strange riff/sample or instrument, it’s important to take risks and be a little more unorthodox when writing so we find it best to experiment with different things.”

Despite Adam being a vocalist himself, the duo often get session musicians in when working on topline demos for A&Rs. “We feel it’s so important to use different singers, explore different tones, Male & Female/group or duo, figuring out which singers suit the song best.” Adam also mentions that it’s important to take into consideration the singers range and how exactly their voice will sit in the mix. This also helps them branch out and be very broad when writing. Adam’s advice on this is to “Venture out into other genres, implement some of their elements into your own writing and most importantly try singers in different styles cause it could bring a whole new dimension.

If you want to work with songwriters like Adam and Fabian, start your own project or find a songwriter to collaborate with and be the peanut to your butter, get started below!

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