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Game Reviews

What Are The Best Gaming Mouse Out There?

Photograph of the blog post author, Connor Brown

Connor Brown


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Are you a geek when it comes to gaming? Or are you just a casual gamer? Maybe even a professional gamer or an up-and-coming streamer. Whichever you are, a good gaming mouse is vital when it comes to getting the smoothest experience possible.

Trying to be the best and get that edge? Then our top 10 countdown of the best gaming mouses is right here for you.

Lets get stuck in with our number 10 spot!

Best Gaming Mouse

10. Tecknet 2.4g Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse – Best Gaming Mouse

Tecknet 2.4g Gaming mouse.

This is probably the best budget gaming mouse on the market. It’s sleek design looks pretty solid, but obviously with the low price it’s not entirely ‘solid’. The casing is made of cheaper plastics; but where it lacks in material it makes up with a comfy ergonomic design that fits nicely under your palm.

It does have some pretty sweet RGB lights inside, which you can set to any colour you like; They’re very subtle though. Keep in mind, to change the colour you will need to download drivers, otherwise this gaming mouse is entirely plug-and-play.

The gaming mouse itself is wireless, with a 2.4Ghz wireless connection helping it avoid any major latency. You connect it via a Bluetooth dongle. Another downside is that this gaming mouse takes batteries, par using a charging lead. You’ll typically get a few months out of it though, depending on its use, so it’s not too bad! There is also a wired variant, if you’d prefer.

The main selling point here is it’s 8 responsive buttons, which you can set up to do whatever suits you. These are conveniently placed on the side where your thumb rests. One button in specific lets you toggle between 5 different DPI settings, DPI being ‘Dots per index’, In layman’s terms; The higher the DPI the more movement sensitivity.

All in all, possibly the best cheap gaming mouse option, it may not last as long as more expensive options; It’s still a great mouse for casual gamers and the like, easily taking the 10th spot.

9. SteelSeries Rival 3 – Best Gaming Mouse

SteelSeries Rival 3.

This gaming mouse from SteelSeries is quite something. It’s a tad more pricier than the Tecknet mouse mentioned above, but it’s worth every extra penny. The SteelSeries Rival 3 boasts ‘Hyper-durable Materials’, giving you a longer lasting mouse; This is great for those hardcore gamers that are constantly clicking away.

Its relatively simplistic design does look a tad boring, but of course the RGB lights bright it up a bit. Speaking of which, this gaming mouse has brilliant prism lighting with 3 Zones of 16.8 million beautifully crisp colours. Truly eye catching! It’s also got a Lightweight ergonomic design, making it incredibly comfortable, great for prolonged gaming.

The Steelseries Rival 3 gaming mouse also uses a ‘TrueMove core’ Optical gaming sensor with true 1-to-1 tracking, so every mouse movement you make counts. This is possibly the best wired gaming mouse on a budget, with little left to want for the casual gamer. With all of the above considered, it’s a fitting gaming mouse for spot 9 on our list.

8. Roccat Kone AIMO Remastered 

Roccat kone AIMO remastered gaming mouse.

Many may not have heard of Roccat. They produce gaming gear, ranging from gaming headsets to gaming mouses. Their Kone AIMO gaming mouse is quite the beauty, with it’s sleek futuristic design, Sci-Fi lovers would love this option.

Their gaming mouse incorporates ‘AIMO intelligent’ lighting systems; which change the RGB lights depending on what you’re doing on your device, pretty neat right? Of course, you can also change these lights with your own colour schemes through the help of drivers.

The main reason we’re recommending this solid piece of tech is it’s superior ergonomics, specifically for people with larger hands. They use their classic max-comfort Kone shape to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible; The gaming mouse is rather wide though and a bit on the heavier side. We wouldn’t recommend it for smaller handed gamers.

Near your thumb, you have a Tri-button thumb zone, which can be mapped to any keys you’d want. These mapped macros are actually stored on the gaming mouse itself, opposed to being stored per device; It has an inbuilt 32-bit processor with 512kb of storage. One button is preset to be an ‘Easy-Shift[+]’ key, giving a bit of shortcut ease.

Lastly, a great selling point would also be that the Roccat Kone AIMO gaming mouse uses ‘Owl-Eye’ optical sensors, clocking in at a max 12,000DPI. If you tend to play at a higher sensitivity and have wider hands, this mouse is a great option. We’re placing it at a healthy 8 on our list.

7. Steelseries Sensei 310

SteelSeries Sensei 310 mouse.

Another gaming mouse from Steelseries, the Sensei 310 has got to be the best ergonomic gaming mouse. The simplicity in the design is quite eye-catching, sporting reprogrammable RGB lights on the logo and in the scroll wheel.

The real comfort comes from the legendary SteelSeries Sensei shape, delivering maximum comfort for both finger-tip and claw grip styles. It’s first of a kind pure silicone side grips give maximum comfort and grip; no slip-ups or misclicks happening here. These side grips have two buttons on either side, making this gaming mouse absolutely ambidextrous. Very rarely do we see a gaming mouse for left handed mouse users, making this one quite unique.

They also boast having the world’s first true eSports sensor, using SteelSeries ‘TrueMove3 sensor technology’. This gives users true 1-to-1 tracking for ultra-low latency, allowing pinpoint accuracy. with the SteelSeries Sensei 310, we can achieve a DPI of 100-12,000.

So, if you’re looking for an extremely comfortable wired gaming mouse, especially if you’re a left handed mouse user, this is a perfect option for you! Safe to say this deserves spot 7 in our list.

6. Logitech G203 Lightsync

Logitech G203 Lightsync gaming mouse.

This Logitech gaming mouse comes from their ‘G’ series. The G203 Lightsync is incredibly aesthetically pleasing, with a sweet and simple design. It offers what most other gaming mice would, made with semi-decent materials.

The biggest selling point here is the ‘Lightsync’ technology. This enables you to pick a single colour, maybe even blend 3 and choose an animation preset; Like flickering, wave, breathing lights et cetera. You can set your lighting to a dynamic screen sampling mode. This makes it synchronize with your screen so the colours on the mouse will shift while playing games, watching movies and so on.

The same effect applies with sound through an audio visualizer, flashing colours to the beat. We feel that if you’re a music producer, this would be an awesome mouse to use and would certainly impress your clients. The best part of ‘Lightsync’ is that, if you have another ‘Lightsync’ product from Logitech, you’ll be able to sync them up so they work seamlessly along with each other. If you’re looking for an awesome light show at the palm of your hand while you game; This wired gaming mouse is a great option for you!

5. Razer Basilisk V2

Razer basilisk V2.

We couldn’t do a gaming mouse review without mentioning Razer! We consider Razer to be one of the best gaming mouse brands out there. The Basilisk V2 is no exception, and looks like something straight out of a spy movie. The customisation is something to behold, with 11 programmable buttons you’re left with a mouse that can do most of the things your keyboard can.

If 11 programmable buttons wasn’t enough, Razer ‘Hypershift’ allows you to switch between two different button mappings with ease at the press of a single button. You can even set up different mapping to load with different games, making switching between games seamless. There’s a pretty neat extension for your thumb to sit on, giving you some pretty great grip.

We’ve also got an adjustment on the bottom for scroll wheel resistance, allowing the option for smooth or tactile scrolling.

The Razer Basilisk V2 comes with a rather unique ‘Optical mouse switch’; giving you an industry leading response time of 0.2 milliseconds per click. The Razer ‘Focus +’ optical sensor sports a crazy 20,000 max DPI, with smart tracking allowing an acute level of precision. This mouse has got to be the best FPS gaming mouse, due to having all the controls you need at your fingertips, extreme precision and comfortability. An easy choice for spot 5 on our gaming mouse top ten countdown.

4. HP Omen Vector Wireless

HP Omen Vector.

When it comes to HP, not a lot of people consider their branded gaming gear. We were surprised to find out about this beauty. The simplistic design kind of resembles something apple would make; Sleek and curvy, mixed with elegant simplicity. This has got to be the best wireless gaming mouse out there.

The Charge time is astounding, with its ‘Turbo-Recharge’, just 30 seconds will give you a full hour of battery life! Great for when you forget to charge it up before you go to bed. Not only is the battery super fast at charging, the battery life is up to 180 hours on a full charge! Considering there’s 168 hours in a week, that’s massively impressive. 

You’d think with a wireless gaming mouse, you might experience issues with latency and lag. Nope, none of that here. With 1ms polling rate (The response time between user interactions and the screen) ‘warp wireless technology’, you’ll never lose a second with this gaming mouse. 16,000 DPI here too, so a great sensitivity range.

It’s also really quite a comfy gaming mouse too, with a conveniently placed trap door for the USB wireless dongle. This is by far the best wireless gaming mouse in our opinion, suitable for anyone who wants that cable free experience.

3. Razer DeathAdder V2

Razer DeathAdder V2 gaming mouse.

Back to Razer, we have the Razer DeathAdder V2 gaming mouse. Relatively similar to the Basilisk V2, with the same ‘Optic mouse switch’ and ‘Focus+’ 20K DPI technology for that lightning fast response time; Why would this one be a better choice? It’s a bit less clunky. Not just weight wise either.

With a simplistic design, it comes with 8 programmable buttons, 3 less than the Basilisk. This might sound like a downgrade, but this has 5 mappable presets you can switch between as opposed to the Basilisks 2. So, it technically has everything the Basilisk has to offer, but with a more lightweight compact design and greater customization. It is lacking that comfy side extension for your thumb though, so it’s less tailored towards FPS games etc. and probably better for adventure exploration games. 

All in all a great gaming mouse and maybe the best gaming mouse 2023?

2. Logitech G502 Hero

Logitech G502 Hero.

This has got to be the best Logitech mouse available, rather, one of the best out there in general! The design is crazy cool, I mean, look at it. Looks aren’t everything though, you bet it’s packed full of innovative technology.

The G502 Hero has a crazy max DPI of 25,600, with zero smoothing, filtering or acceleration; Achieving competition-level precision. This makes it Logitech’s most accurate gaming mouse. 11 Programmable buttons allow you to set up game winning keymapping, with the option to set a new map per game. This allows seamless switching between games once setup.

It also comes with tuneable weight, with five 3.6g weights in the bottom of the mouse. You can configure these to a variety of front, rear, left, right and center weighted configurations. You can experiment with different weight settings to get the perfect balance alignment to give you that edge over the rest, gliding to your advantage.

Of Course, the G502 Hero gaming comes with the beautiful RGB lights most gaming mice sport nowadays. However, just like the G203 Lightsync, it has the ‘Lightsync’ capabilities listed above. This truly is an awesome bit of kit, and with it’s 2 year warranty it’s definitely worth the cost. This gaming mouse is worth every penny, and definitely worth the 2nd place on our list!

1. Razer Naga Pro

Razer naga pro best gaming mouse.

Razer is storming the gaming mouse industry with their innovative designs. Here, we have the Razer Naga Pro, a pinnacle of gaming mouse tech. Another sweet but simple design, this gaming mouse is anything but simplistic. As with the other two Razer options mentioned above, you’ve got the Razer ‘optical mouse switch’ and ‘Focus+’ tech for the quickest clicks and twists possible.

One of the coolest things about this gaming mouse is the interchangeable side panels. One has 12 buttons! The other’s sport a few less, and different shaped buttons for different styles of gaming. This comes with 5 profile configurations to switch between on each panel. The best part is, all the profile configurations are stored onboard so if you’re using it on a different device, it’s already set up. With all these buttons, this mouse is perfect for MMOs, MOBA and FPS games alike.

This mouse is the only one of the list with 3 modes of connection; ‘HyperSpeed’ wireless, battery saving bluetooth and wired (Which also charges the mouse). The ‘Hyperspeed’ wireless mode is 25% faster than any other wireless technology available. You won’t even notice you’re using a wireless mouse. On a full charge, you can get up to 150 hours on bluetooth, making it the best bluetooth gaming mouse in our opinion. ‘HyperSpeed’ wireless gives up to 100 hours of battery.. The DPI range sits at a maximum of 20,000, but allows for it to be switched easily through the mouse itself.

The Razer Naga Pro is truly the best gaming mouse to get, or at least in our opinion it is. The only downside is that it’s tailored for right handed mouse users, but then again, most mice are nowadays. A perfect option for spot 1!

That Was Our Review Of The Best Gaming Mouse

We hope that we’ve helped you sift through the endless sea of options and you’ve gained some insight into the best gaming mouse for yourself, or maybe even as a gift! There’s always going to be more choices coming out as technology advances daily, so we’ll be keeping a keen eye out for what the gaming industry has to offer in the future!

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