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14 Easy Songs To Sing For Girls

Photograph of the blog post author, Annika Hope

Annika Hope


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Are you struggling to choose a track to learn? Perhaps you’re a beginner and need to start with something uncomplicated and achievable.

Whether you’re a voice coach or an artist, knowing easy songs to sing for girls will help you find suitable numbers for every event. Take on a song that’s too challenging and you may find the experience unnerving, instead, choose one that’s simple.  

If you want to get inspired for your next audition, lesson, gig or open mic slot, read on for the tunes that’ll feel and sound effortless. 

Easy songs to sing for girls

Being a singer can be a demanding vocation at times. So why make life more difficult than it needs to be? If you’re a female who’s hasn’t been gifted with a huge natural vocal range, don’t have a brilliant ear for tunes, or struggle with complex musicality, choose easy songs to sing for girls. You may wonder why we separate out songs that are suitable for boys and girls. This isn’t arbitrary, it’s because males and females have different physiological makeup and this impacts the depth and to some degree, tone, of the voice. This means that singing a song by someone of the same voice type, is likely to be easier. The voice types are:

  • Tenor, baritone and bass for guys
  • Soprano, mezzo-soprano and alto for girls

Simple songs can be just as – and in many cases more – impressive than tricky ones. There is, of course, a time and a place to take on more of a challenge. However, if you’re new to singing, or want to guarantee a top result from your performance, stick within your capabilities. You can add light and shade with vocal dynamics and emotion, rather than the kinds of compositions that may cause you to trip up. 

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Easy songs to sing for females

What’s easy for one person might not be so for another. So let’s first take a look at why a song might be easy.

  1. The lyrics are repetitive and simple. Forgetting words can be a big worry for a performer and intricate fast verses are the toughest lyrics to take on. You’ll need to be right on top of your enunciation and diction for these.
  2. It’s very high or very low. Your vocal range will denote the songs you find a strain. But for most singers, a mid-range song is likely to be the easiest.
  3. It’s discordant, syncopated or has large intervals. Those who can automatically harmonise and have been around music all their lives will have less trouble with this. But sharps and flats, big jumps in the notes, uneven rhythms and the like can often cause problems for vocalists. Fortunately, many mainstream pop songs are designed for non-singers to be able to sing along, with straightforward melodies and catchy choruses. 
  4. The backing is throwing you off. This is a common problem with karaoke tracks. It might not be that the song itself is hard, just that the backing doesn’t give you enough clues for where to come in. Find a different track, or get someone to accompany you live and give you some melody guidance notes. 

Easy pop songs to sing for girls

Let’s get started with our suggestions for some enjoyable, easy songs for girls – many of which you may already know. 

#1 Flashlight by Jessie J

The Pitch Perfect movie hit has a lovely melody. Jessie adds in some little runs and riffs that make her interpretation of it trickier, but if you just stick to the notes as they’re written, it’s a piece of cake. 

#2 All I Am by Jess Glynne

Like Jessie J, Jess Glynne adds in a lot of vocal flourishes. But try singing through just the top line of this happy, perky pop tune. It’s not difficult at all if you stay on the notes, and don’t try to do the harmonies and backing parts too – add in a backing track to cover that. It’s important to have fun with this one. 

#3 Mamma Mia by Abba

The Swedish 1970s pop group penned some deceptively tricky tunes with exceedingly high notes, very close harmonies and clashy tunes. But this karaoke favourite is the simplest of them all and is singable for most voices. Sometimes the easiest songs are the ones we know best. So an old hit can be a banker, especially with an audience who will already know and love them. 

#4 Da Doo Ron Ron by The Crystals

The 1950s and 1960s pop can be a super source of easy, happy tunes that have stood the test of time but aren’t hacked. This one has a mid-range melody that’s difficult not to sing along with. It repeats evenly making it easy to follow. 

#5 Girl Power by the Haschak Sisters

Covering a tiny range and with a nod to the Spice Girls, this song has a staccato feel but uses very few notes indeed. It’s all about how this one’s performed, so give it a good dose of attitude and you’ll look and sound great. 

#6 You Say by Lauren Daigle 

A powerful and anthemic ballad from American Idol entrant Lauren Daigle. This is a good one if you’re looking for a lesser-known but emotive song. 

#7 Can’t Help Falling in Love With You by Haley Reinheart

This has been endlessly covered, originally by male singers, but more recently by girls. It’s a synch to sing, with basic lyrics, and a very simple melody with no surprises. Yet it’s always a crowd-pleaser. 

Easy songs to sing 2020

Perhaps you’d rather sing some more recent hits and are keen to understand what constitutes an easy song in 2020. The current trends aren’t easy for vocalists. There’s a lot of vocal acrobatics, big fast-moving intervals and beat-heavy sounds. But here are our picks for easier recent songs to sing.  

#8 Not Going Down by EZI

This is a great choice for non-singers and those with little power or range. It’s gentle, can be speak-sung and covers a small number of notes. 

#9 Cardigan by Taylor Swift

While Taylor’s tines can cover a big range with some challenging sections, this one is low and linear in its composition. We’re not sure if it’s her most exciting number to date, but it’s fresh and totally singable. 

#10 Feel Me by Selena Gomez

If you’re looking for an up-tempo dance tune that’s totally new, have a go at Selena’s Feel Me. There are few notes and a short hook that repeats over and over for ease (‘I want you to feel me’). It does jump around a bit in some of the segues, but if you’re on top of your intervals it’ll be fine. 

It’s good to keep up to date with music industry trends, especially if you’re auditioning or writing your own music. Check out these playlists for some of the latest, greatest tracks. 

Easy acoustic songs to sing for girls

Acoustic songs are often easy to sing, as loud, complex accompaniments are stripped away. If you want to sing a song in its simplest form, this would be a cappella. But unless you have excellent tuning, hitting the right notes can be tricky without any backing at all. A great way to make a cover your own is to take a dance or up-tempo number and make it acoustic and slow. 

What are the easiest songs to sing with a guitar?

If you want an easy song to sing for girls with a guitar, look for songs with straightforward chord progressions and easy lyrics. Many of the other songs on our list can be adapted for an acoustic set. 

#11 Zombie – The Cranberries

Perhaps sounding more complex than it actually is, Zombie repeats its musical hooks over and over making it quick to learn. It also sits right in the mid-range for women. Give it some welly and it’ll sound great vocally and instrumentally. 

#12 Malibu by Miley Cyrus

Not all of her hits make for easy vocals, but Miley’s Malibu is an ideal entry point for those getting to grips with singing and playing simultaneously.

#13 I Wanna Be There – Blessed Union of Souls

This isn’t oversung, but nor is it a tricky one to grasp. Just three chords, some easy strumming and a simple chorus make it great for a singer-guitarist

Being able to play an instrument is a huge benefit as a singer. It means you can accompany yourself without relying on tech, improvise at will and be more creative. But doing two things at once can be a tough skill to learn. Here are some tips for improving when musically multi-tasking.

A big problem with lots of songs is that they’re too high for many voices. Straining for a note that’s out of your natural range can cause vocal damage, but it also won’t sound very pleasant. This leaves you with two options. You can either transpose a song you love that’s too high. Or choose a different song entirely. A gifted pianist will be able to transpose a song live.

Some CD players can do it with a backing track, or you can order a backing track in a different key. There are also lots of apps and software that can take care of technical things like changing the key. But for this, you’ll need to know a little about music, specifically, what each key sounds like and which keys match your natural register. 

Easy songs to low girl voices to sing

If you’ve decided to find songs that already sit within a mezzo-soprano or alto vocal range, here are some suggestions we think you’ll love singing. And you won’t have a sore throat afterwards. 

#14 A Thousand Years by Christina Perri 

Plenty of opportunity for some deep rich notes in this alto song. It’s a classic too, so chances are, you won’t need to learn the melody from scratch. 

#15 Close to You by The Carpenters

The brother-sister duo had some massive hits, including this one by Burt Bacharach. It may be an oldie, but it’s a goodie and so simple you can sing it in your sleep. It’s perfect for beautiful alto voices. 

#16 If I Could Turn Back Time by Cher

There’s a reason why this became such a karaoke mega-hit – because it’s so easy to sing.

Now it’s over to you. Try out some of these songs and see if they work for you. Part of it is finding what suits your style and you can only do that through trial and error (just try to keep your errors at home behind closed doors and not in front of an audience). If you’re unsure if a song is working for you, why not record yourself singing it, then watch it back. This can be a good way to be objective about your own work. 

  • What are good soprano songs to sing?

Sopranos tend to have the biggest choice in music, particularly in pop and rock genres. If you can whistle try Mariah and Ariane’s repertoire. For some easy options have a look at songs like Somewhere Only We Know by Lily Allen, My Immortal by Evanescence and Show Me, Heaven, by Maria Mckee. 

  • What is the easiest Ariana Grande song to sing?

The songstress isn’t known for ‘easy’ songs, but if you have a high voice and want to try some of her numbers, here’s a video rundown of her most accessible ones. Take some time to develop your range and learn the techniques required for fast, high songs. 

  • What is a good song to sing for a talent show?

Choose something that shows your voice in its best light and that you can perform well. Avoid current big hits or anything that gets a huge amount of airplay, or you’ll come across as unoriginal. Or create your own unique cover version by varying the tempo, or taking it into a different musical genre.

What are your favourite easy songs to sing for girls? Perhaps you’ve aced an audition with one of them. Let us know and post links to them in the comments below.

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