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Artlist io Music Review : What does Artlist io cost?

Photograph of the blog post author, Jodie Francis

Jodie Francis


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Do you find yourself struggling to find high quality tracks for your videos and are in need of a music licensing company? If so, we think that you will find this article incredibly useful! In this Artlist io review, we are going to explain the pros and cons of the company as well as Artlist io alternatives, so keep on reading!

We will take a look at what it can offer you, the pricing and the opinions of others. We will also compare their services to other companies, so that you can get a clearer picture of what’s out there. So make sure that you stay tuned for our Artlist io review. 

What Is Artlist io?

Artist io is a music licensing platform that offers royalty-free music and cheap acquisitions of music licenses without copyright issues. The company was founded back in 2015 by Ira Belsky. Since its formation, it has seen great success, as it’s very popular with creatives. It has over 8,000 tracks that you can make good use of and they add approximately 150 more tracks per month. 

Artlist Music

artlist io logo

So what does Artlist actually do? Let’s take a look at Artlist music licensing. They themselves have said that: “Music licensing can be a complicated and expensive mess,” and that this can “get in the way of the creative process.” 

This company has universal license covers, and anything that you download you keep and you can use it forever. However, you have to keep in mind that you don’t hold any kind of exclusive rights to the song. This licensing is great, as it means that you don’t have to put a time limit on your projects and you don’t have to go between different music licensing websites for music. 

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Download From Artlist io

How do you download from Artlist io? It’s an extremely easy process, as the interface is set out simply. The ease of navigation is a big plus to Artlist Music. You can actually listen to their music before you even sign up to see if it will work for you! 

There are filter options on the left side of your page, and these are: Genre, Instrument, Mood and Video Theme. You can make use of as many filters as you need, and these will hopefully point you in the direction of the song you are looking for. Due to the variation of genres, you are bound to find a track that suits your content, especially if you’re working on personal projects and looking for a music vine and background music for YouTube videos.  

When you find a song you like on the Artlist library, the website will take you to a new page with all of the relevant information. It will provide you with the lyrics of the song, as well as a list of similar songs that you could end up preferring. There are also different remixes of the song available, and this frees up your creativity. The files you receive when you download your music are Wave 16-44.1 and MP3 320kbps. 

Artlist io Pricing

lady counting money from artlist music

Now let’s talk about pricing. You pay for Artlist in one go and it will cost you $199 per year, making this the equivalent to $16.60 per month. We think that this is an extremely fair price for all of the features that you get from the service. 

Some people may not like the fact that it’s an upfront fee, but one plus is that the payment is out of the way and you don’t have to worry about budgeting it into your monthly expenses. What’s more, there are no extra hidden costs in place. The great thing about Artlist is that you can try before you buy. There’s a free trail in place, and you can download three songs from it. 

Artlist io Review – Is Artlist Music Worth It?

So what’s our verdict: is Artlist worth it? We think it is! Let’s get into the reasons why.

artlist io logo


First up, Artlist is super easy to navigate and to use. This is a huge plus as we can find what genre of music we are looking for quickly and with no fuss. This is thanks to all of the specific search engine filters. What’s more, the licensing is simple due to the one universal license in place. We like that there’s no hidden costs and we believe that the price for one year is worth it. 


There are a couple of cons though – some users have complained that not all musical themes are on offer, especially in terms of podcasts as there’s only a small number of tracks to choose from. Another con is that the songs are not exclusive, and this is a deal breaker for some filmmakers

Artlist io Alternatives

But what else is out there? In this section of our review we are going to examine Artlist io alternatives. 

Epidemic Sound 

epidemic sound logo from artlist io review

This Swedish company were founded back in 2009 by Oscar Höglund. It is famous for offering one of the largest music catalogues in the world. This means that there are far more music options for you here, and is a great Artlist io alternative. Epidemic Sound have over 30,000 tracks and over 60,000 sound effects to choose from. So the quantity is there! Similarly to Artlist, they update their database weekly. 

The design interface is more complex compared to Artlist, as their design is fairly retro. However, searching for your tracks is easy thanks to their filters. They offer three different licenses in comparison to Artlist’s universal license. 

There is a Business Subscription, a Custom License and a Creator Subscription. You have the exclusive rights to the songs on the website, however you will only be able to keep the song for as long as you are subscribed. In terms of pricing it will depend on the type of subscription you go for. The Commercial subscription is $49 per month, but you can go for a Custom license that can begin at $15 per month.  


pond 5 logo

Pond5 is another great Artlist io alternative. They launched their company back in 2006, and they provide footage for films, television, adverts, social media and so much more. Pond5 have an incredible 17 million video clips to choose from! They have said that they are, “Driven by its commitment to the creative community, Pond5 proudly provides a platform where creativity can flourish and contributors can make a sustainable living licensing their work to buyers around the world.” 

In terms of licensing and prices they have a variety of plans. An Individual license covers the costs of one item and that will be specific to what you have chosen. The Business license is the cost of the item and $149. The Organisation license costs the price of the item plus $299. You could opt to take part in the Membership option where you will pay $999 for the year ($199 per month). This option will let you download ten items per month. Pond5 is worth it if you can afford their set prices. 

Мusic Gateway 

music gateway logo

What about us here at Мusic Gateway? We specialise in sync licensing and we work directly with agencies, broadcasters, filmmakers and production companies. In addition, we have worked and collaborated with huge companies such as Disney, Netflix, ITV, Universal and more! 

Мusic Gateway takes care of the sync revenue fees and you retain all of your royalties and copyrights. In Exclusive Agreements, we retain 20% and in Non-Exclusive Agreements, you receive 75% of the sync fee. As we say here at Мusic Gateway: “Our mission is finding the perfect music for our clients, let’s work together.” 

Our Conclusion On Artlist io 

So there we have it – our complete review of Artlist io! Overall, we approve of Artlist. The price is decent and fair, and we like the fact that you have to pay an upfront subscription as it gets it out of the way! We do understand that this will be a con to some creatives though. 

The fact that they allow you to use their Artlist free trial is excellent, as it allows you to determine (for free) if the company will work for you. What’s more, it’s easy to use, especially compared to other similar companies like Pond5 and Epidemic Sound. 

Artlist music licensing is universal, and this will please some and displease others. We approve as it simplifies the process. Of course, there are other options out there for you and we would recommend doing some research for yourself. After all, you are the only one that knows what will specifically fit your needs and projects. Most importantly though, don’t forget us here at Мusic Gateway! 

Find opportunities to get your music in film, TV and more through sync licensing. Find Music Publishingcollaborate globally with other musicians, songwriters producers and more. Finally, amplify your music to those that need to hear it with music promotion and professional sharing tools. Try all of this out for yourself by joining Мusic Gateway. Get your 14-day free trial, no strings attached.


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