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Music Blogs: A Lowdown Of Our The Best Music Blogs

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Promoting your music through the best music blogs is only one step in a music marketing or music PR campaign. If there is just one thing that you do to promote your music, I would recommend doing this.


In this article, you will learn how to send music to blogs, and how to find blogs that will review your music. We have also included a list of the 11 best music blogs for your new 2020 release.

Indie labels, majors and artist management companies all have some kind of relationship with music blogs. The main reason is because music blogs are very influential.

They create a lot of buzz around music releases, and a few good blog placements can drive up streaming numbers and social media followers. Although music blogs review big name artist releases, a lot of indie music blogs champion up and coming artists.

Music blogs love hearing fresh and exciting new music. So, as an independent artist or producer, you are on a level playing field with big artists.

What Is A Music Blog?

A music blog is just a blog dedicated to new music. They review new releases, up and coming releases, share music videos, album artwork, and publish interviews with artists. It is a place where passionate music lovers can go to discover new music and artists.

Blogs also curate their own playlists on platforms like Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud. So, not only is your music reviewed and introduced to a wide audience, but it is also placed on their playlists.

A lot of music blogs don’t make money. They might generate some income from advertising, or they might earn something from a few big features commissioned by record labels or artist management companies.

Research And Hype Machine

music blog

Before you submit your music to blogs, you need to do your homework. 

Research the types of blogs that will review your genre of music. If your music doesn’t suit a blog’s tastes, don’t waste your time or theirs by pitching your music to them.

If you are a Folk Singer-Songwriter, there is no point reaching out to a blog that reviews Lo-fi beat-tapes and obscure Hip Hop. Only pitch to blogs that review your genre of music. 

Instead of Googling and hoping for the best, using Hype Machine can really streamline the research process. Hype Machine is a website that features all of the latest music from top music blogs around the world.

The blogs are organised into a feed that you can browse. In their own words, “Hype Machine indexes hundreds of music sites”.

To find blogs that are likely to review your music, all you have to do is browse the feed for relevant music.

Then, simply take note of the blog that the music came from, visit the blog’s website, and search for a music submission page. Hype Machine also has a ‘By Genre’ filter you can use to narrow down your searches!

Submitting Your Music To Blogs

music blog

When it comes to finally pitching or submitting your music, most blogs have specific requirements that artists and labels must stick to.

Music blogs receive hundreds of submissions a day, and so they like to manage it all their way.

Also, blogs do not want to chase you up for social links, a bio, previous releases etc, so they usually ask for everything in advance.

There are three main ways to submit music to blogs. 

  1. Through a form that the blog provides
  2. Email correspondence.
  3. Via SubmitHub (explained later)

Provide them with everything they ask for when filling out a form, or they may not bother listening to your music.

If you are asked to send them an email, make sure you are complimentary of their work, and tell them why you want to work with them specifically.

Only provide links to your tracks and attach any other information they ask for.

Do not send them mp3 or wav files of your music. Receiving audio files is annoying – it is really that simple. Blogs always use Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube links to share music. Do the same!

Whatever music you want to send them for review, make sure it is ready to stream via a link. Soundcloud or YouTube links are always a safe bet.

When sending music to blogs, do not send them your old tracks. Blogs like to have brand new tracks they can share with their audience. You can send them pre-released music, but make sure it is a recent release.

For example, if your song has been out for a month, there is a good chance they will still review it. 

To sum up, be diligent when researching types of music blogs, and make the most of Hype Machine. Respect their submission guidelines, only provide links to your music and do not try to submit old releases.

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Use SubmitHub 

submit hub music blog

SubmitHub is a really powerful music promotion tool, and is exactly what an indie artist needs to submit their music to hundreds of blogs.

SubmitHub was built in 2015, and was created to help artists get their music in front of blogs.

You can also submit your music to labels, Youtubers, playlist curators and influencers, as well as receive feedback on your music. 

Create a profile and start submitting music! 

Electronic Press Kit

Having an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) can really help music bloggers find out more about you and your brand. An EPK is like a CV for bands, artists and producers. 

EPK’s are used to give industry professionals, the media and music companies a sense of who you are as an artist. For example, they are often used to give bookers, festivals and venues an idea of who you are when considering you for their next line-up.

Bloggers often like to see them too! It gives them context when listening to your music. It also serves as inspiration when writing about you and your latest release.

EPKs come in two formats: PDF & video. They include information about you as an artist: your biography, recent releases, social media links, high quality promotional pictures, stage plans (your live performance setup) and anything else of relevance. The PDF version will include all of this.

A video EPK is also very effective if made tastefully. If you have a high-quality camera or DSLR, you can make a convincing EPK video.

This can include footage of yourself performing, cut with B-roll and interview footage of yourself talking about your music.

When submitting your music, blogs might ask for your EPK – so have one ready!

11 Of The Best Music Blogs To Submit To

Finally, here is the list of the 11 best music blogs for new music!

We have included a short description of the genres that each blog reviews. Please remember to respect their submission guidelines – and good luck!

Dats Muzik

dats muzik music blog

Dats Muzik is a music blog that provides specialist EPK’s. They also promote emerging talent, DJs, support festivals, music businesses, and creative professionals.

The blog is run by Founder, Creator & Editor-In-Chief Francetta Evans-Anfom. 

Francetta studied Music Technology and aced a Music Business degree at ACM. After winning the Young Writer’s Poetry’ competition for 11-18 years olds for South East England, music has been a passion of hers ever since.

Writing has also come easily to her over the years and her skills continue to flourish. She is the face of this Award Nominated and Vuelio ‘Blogger Spotlight’ music blog.

Francetta supports Afrobeat, HipHop, Dance/ House/ Electro, Funk and Reggaeton/ Latin music by emerging musicians to DJs and writes about fashion and music units.

She has a ‘Songs of The Moment’ Spotify Playlist and a bi-monthly online Afrobeat magazine.

Coming from a musical, dance and entrepreneurial background, Francetta has done Grade 5 violin, Grade 5 theory and Grade 4 singing. Dats Muzik’s ethos is “diversity, individuality, acceptance and inclusion”

Cheers To The Vikings

cheers to the vikings

Cheers To The Vikings is an American blog that loves to hear Commercial, Singer-Songwriter, Electro Pop, Indie Pop and Pop Rock. 

Give It A Spin!

give it a spin

Winners of the ‘Best Music Blog’ at the 2019 infinity blog awards. Give It A Spin’s headquarters are based in Greece. They like to hear Downtempo / Minimal Electronic, Jazz, Indie Rock, Hip Hop, Conscious Hip-Hop & Lo-Fi.

Music Gateway

music gateway

Our ‘Best Music Spotlight’ page is dedicated to new music releases! We might sound biased… but we are truly always looking to empower and help creatives and discover hidden gems.

Music Gateway review all kinds of music, and can’t wait to hear your tracks. Submit now for our Spotify playlists and to be featured on our blog!

Crack In The Road

crack in the road

Crack In The Road is a UK based blog. They like Electro Pop and Singer-Songwriter genres. They also like to hear any Commercial sounds, Indie Pop or Indie Rock.


clout music blog

CLOUT are another UK music blog who enjoy hearing Electro Pop, Singer-Songwriter, Indie Pop, Indie Rock & Alternative.

Caesar Live N Loud

caesar live n loud

This blog welcomes Contemporary R&B, Commercial, Electro Pop & Singer-Songwriter.


chillfiltr music blog

CHILLFILTR enjoy anything Folk, Indie Pop, Commercial, Electro Pop & Singer-Songwriter.

Analogue Trash

analogue trash

Analogue Trash’s preference is Electro Pop, Alternative, Indie Pop, Indie Rock and Shoegaze / Dream Pop.

Why Generation

why generation

This blog also distributes physical issues! They like to hear Indie Pop, Indie Rock & Singer-Songwriter.

Channel Wavy

channel wavy music blog

Channel Wavy like to hear Commercial, Electro Pop, Contemporary R&B, Hip-Hop / Conscious Hip-Hop & Neo-Soul.

Things To Remember: Summary

If you plan on using music blogs to get the word out about your latest release, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Always Do Your Research

Make sure that you have an idea of what the blogs like to hear and see.

Don’t waste their time by sending music that doesn’t fit their musical tastes. 

Hype Machine 

A great tool that will help you streamline the research process, so make sure to use it!

Respect Music Submission Guidelines

Blogs receive hundreds of submissions a day. Make their job easy by giving them everything they ask for.

Bloggers don’t want to be chasing for information. 

Use SubmitHub

It is now a standard way for Indie artists to find and submit music to blogs.

You can also submit your music to labels, influencers and playlisters.

Have Your EPK Ready

Really helpful for bloggers if they want more information from you.

Blogs work to publishing schedules, so you want to include promo pictures, links and an artist biography.

Start With The 11 Best Blogs

Not only do these blogs have their main blogging site that attracts thousands of enthusiastic music lovers, but they also have larger followings on their Spotify playlists, Soundcloud playlists and social media platforms.

Final Words

music image

Using top music blogs to promote your latest release is very effective in creating hype, and should be a part of all your music promotion campaigns. 

The more consistent you are in reaching out to relevant blogs, the easier it gets to have your music reviewed and placed on their playlists.

The reason behind this is that blogs will get to know you as an artist over time, and you will form a natural relationship with them.

With every music submission, blogs become more familiar with your music, and will notice your growth as an artist with every new track, and pay more attention to your submissions!

Consistency breeds familiarity, and once they know you and your music, they are more likely to feature you.

The most important thing to remember is that music blogs are staffed by people who love music and who have individual music tastes.

Their decision to feature you on their platforms is largely based on whether they like your music in the first place – your music might not be everybody’s cup of tea, remember.

Stay patient, send to as many relevant blogs as you can and keep cultivating strong relationships that can help you with future releases!

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