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The Best Musical Films Of All Time

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Musical movies have been a part of our culture for decades. Whether you’re a Musical fan or not, everyone has that one that they have a soft spot for, they can’t help but sing along and it gives them that warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Music movies are a great way to escape from the real world. For 120 minutes or so you’re in a world where the general public can burst into song and dance at any time. There are tons of movie musicals, from lesser-known titles like ‘The Music Man’ movie to the recent popular ones everyone knows like the ‘Cats’ musical movie, ‘Annie’, and the ‘High School Musical’ movie.

In a day and age where you can watch films pretty much anywhere, we want to give you some inspiration. In this article, we’ll briefly go through the history and a list of musical movies that we think are the best of all time!

What Is A Musical Movie?

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A musical movie is a motion picture where songs sung by the actors are woven into the narrative of the story, this can also be paired with dancing. The songs featured in the film most commonly further the narrative of the character, although sometimes serve merely as breaks in the storyline.

There are many types, from film adaptations of stage musicals to musicals created purely for tv or movies. Some film musicals have no speech at all, only a string of songs to relay the story to the audience, these are called a ‘song cycle’. 

We’re talking about a genre of film that’s almost as old as film itself. Since the very first ‘talkies’ (films with sound) were invented, musical films have been a source of entertainment for millions. The very first movie musical was ‘The Jazz Singer’, released in 1927.

Following this, there was a surge in musical films making the most of the invention of sound with motion picture. In the mid 1930s, the singing/dancing teams such as Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers became hugely popular. Some would say they have molded musical movies into what they are today. 

With the likes of Netflix giving musicals their own category, this has also boosted viewings. From old musical movies to new, for kids and adults, it’s made choosing a film on a Sunday evening a whole lot easier.

Best Movie Musicals Of All Time

We’re going to try and compile a list of some of the best musicals movies of all time. Without further ado, here we go…

The Sound of Music (1965)

the sound of music

Directed by: Robert Wise

Music and Lyrics: Richard Rogers/ Oscar Hammerstein

Starring: Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer

Budget: $8.2 Million

Box Office: $296.2 Million

Best Known Songs: The Hills Are Alive’ and ‘My Favourite Things’

First of all, let’s start with arguably one of the best-known musicals. There aren’t many people who are unaware of the von Trapp family and the wild-spirited nun, Maria. Maria goes to work as a nanny to all 7 of the von Trapp children in Austria. She breaks through the previous military-style upbringing with songs and fun and ultimately falls in love with the widowed father, Captain von Trapp.

As the story progresses, you learn that the family will have to flee Austria to Switzerland to avoid becoming part of Hitler’s evil plans for the war. The Sound of Music was originally a stage musical, first performed in 1959. If you want something classic, the film adaptation The Sound of Music movie is the one for you!

Les Misérables (2012)

les mis musical poster

Directed by: Tom Hooper

Music and Lyrics: Claude-Michel Schönberg

Starring: Hugh Jackman, Eddie Redmayne, Amanda Seyfried, Anne Hathaway, Samantha Barks, Russell Crowe, Sacha Baron Cohen, Helena Bonham Carter

Budget: $61 Million

Box Office: $441.8 Million

Best Known Songs: ‘On My Own’, ‘Bring Him Home’ and ‘I Dreamed A Dream’

No one can ignore this star-studded cast. Set in the early 1800s in France, Hugh Jackman opens the film as Jean Valjean. He’s a prisoner serving 19 years for stealing a loaf of bread to feed his starving sister and her child. After being released from prison he assumes a different identity and reforms his life, adopting a child, Cosette, and raising her as his own. Javert, the ruthless police officer played by Russell Crowe, is on the hunt for the prisoner who violated parole, Jean Valjean.

Fun fact: a lot of this movie was filmed in Greenwich, London. This caused a lot of hassle for the locals! The beautifully done sets and music and opera-style singing will leave the hairs on your arm standing up. Les Mis is really one of the nation’s favourites. So, add it to your watchlist now! 

West Side Story (1961)

west side story

Directed by: Robert Wise/ Jerome Robbins

Music and Lyrics: Leonard Bernstein/ Stephen Sondheim 

Starring: Natalie Wood, Richard Beymer, Russ Tamblyn, Rita Monero

Budget: $6.75 Million

Box Office: $44.1 Million

Best Known Songs: ‘Maria’, ‘I Feel Pretty’ and ‘America’

This musical movie marked a turn in musical theatre addressing social problems and racism in America. West Side Story was nominated for 11 Academy Awards and won 10 including a special award for Jerome Robbins for choreography. With perhaps some of the most iconic choreography of all time, the finger-clicking in the opening scenes immediately sets the suspense for the story to come.

Based on Romeo and Juliet, teenagers Tony and Maria fall in love in 1950s New York City. This is despite having affiliations with rival street gangs, the white Jets and Puerto Rican Sharks. This causes rifts within the gangs and they try to keep the pair separate, however they see each other in secret. Elvis Presley was approached for the role of Tony but turned it down! Now, there’s a remake of West Side Story planned for release in December 2021 directed by Steven Spielberg!

Hairspray (2007)

hairspray the musical

Directed by: Adam Shankman

Music and Lyrics: Marc Shaiman/ Scott Wittman

Starring: Nicki Blonsky, Zac Efron, John Travolta, Michelle Pfeiffer, Queen Latifah, Amanda Bynes, Christopher Walken, James Marsden, Brittany Snow, Elijah Kelley

Budget: $75 Million

Box Office: $203.5 Million

Best Known Songs: ‘Good Morning Baltimore’, ‘Big Blonde and Beautiful’ and ‘You Can’t Stop The Beat’

Set in 60’s America, with huge hair and huge dreams, Tracy Turnblad dreams of dancing on ‘The Corny Collins’ show. Thanks to luck and talent, she gets a spot on the show, much to the anger of the station’s producer ‘Velma’. Tracy rallies against racism and makes huge movements against the discrimination of people of colour. The show’s lead dancer and heart-throb, ‘Link’, falls in love with Tracy. The film ends with the show becoming integrated. Aimed at a younger audience, Hairspray opened the door for talking more about racial discrimination as well as advocating body positivity within younger audiences. Further mixed with feel-good musical numbers and colourful sets and outfits, this makes for a great night of sing-along fun!

Singin’ In The Rain (1952)

singin in the rain movie musical

Directed by: Gene Kelly/ Stanley Donen

Music and Lyrics: Nacio Herb Brown/ Arthur Freed

Starring: Gene Kelly, Donald O’Conner, Debbie Reynolds

Budget: $2.5 Million

Box Office: $7.2 Million

Best Known Songs: ‘Singin’ In The Rain’ and ‘Make ‘Em Laugh’

Directed and choreographed by Gene Kelly, the story, set in Hollywood in the 20s, depicts three performers caught up the transition from silent movies to ‘talkies’. Kathy (Reynolds) and Don (Kelly) have a love-hate relationship, they don’t get on at the start but you just know they’re going to fall in love at the end, and they do! This feel-good movie, filled with romance and comedy is definitely a golden oldie. Therefore, it’s one you should have on your watch list if you haven’t already!

Hamilton (2020)

hamilton the musical poster

Directed by: Thomas Kail

Music and Lyrics: Lin-Manuel Miranda

Starring: Lin-Manuel Miranda, Renée Elise Goldsberry, Leslie Odom Jr, Phillipa Soo

Best Known Songs: ‘My Shot’, ‘Burn’ and ‘You’ll Be Back’

This Disney musical movie is a little different from the rest as it’s a recording of the stage musical rather than a film in itself. The story follows founding father Alexander Hamilton and depicts his life with his wife, Angelica and peers. Filled with humour from King George III and terrible loss and sadness with death and adultery, this film takes you on a real emotional rollercoaster with being historically informative. Additionally, Miranda wanted to make the show more inclusive by using a multi-ethnic cast. The Hamilton musical movie is an absolute must for your ‘to see’ list!

Oklahoma! (1955)

oklahoma poster movie music

Directed by: Fred Zinnemann

Music and Lyrics: Richard Rogers/ Oscar Hammerstein

Starring: Gordon MacRae, Shirley Jones, Gene Nelson

Budget: $6.8 Million

Box Office: $7.1 Million

Best Known Songs: ‘Oh What A Beautiful Mornin’ and ‘I Can’t Say No’

The Oklahoma musical movie didn’t do too well at the box office, however, it’s a musical that everyone knows the songs to. ‘Oklahoma!’ tells the story of farm girl, Laurey, and her courtship by two rival suitors, cowboy Curly and the sinister farmhand Jud Fry while touching on the local conflict between cattlemen and farmers. This movie musical is a little like marmite – you’ll love it or hate it, but you’ll definitely leave with those songs in your head – you might even find yourself whistling them while you hoover!

The Greatest Showman (2017)

the greatest showman movie musical

Directed by: Michael Gracey

Music and Lyrics: John Debney/ Joseph Trapanese/ Benj Pasek and Justin Paul

Starring: Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Michelle Williams, Zendaya, Rebecca Furgeson

Budget: $84 Million

Box Office: $435 Million

Best Known Songs: ‘The Greatest Show’, ‘Rewrite The Stars’ and ‘This Is Me’

A menagerie of colour, buoyant characters and catchy upbeat songs that you can’t help but dance to, The Greatest Showman is a phenomenal hit with both adults and children. Due to the humongous budgets of more recent musical movies, they’re using set and costume to create large spectacles.

Chicago (2002)

chicago the musical

Directed by: Rob Marshall

Music and Lyrics: John Kander/ Fred Ebb/ Danny Elfman

Starring: Renée Zellweger, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Richard Gere, Queen Latifah

Budget: $45 Million

Box Office: $306.8 Million

Best Known Songs: ‘Cell Block Tango’, ‘All That Jazz’ and ‘Roxie’

The Chicago musical movie explores the themes of celebrity life, scandal, and corruption in Chicago during the Jazz Age. Chicago centres on Roxie Hart (Zellweger) and Velma Kelly (Zeta-Jones) two murderesses who find themselves in jail together awaiting trial in 1920s Chicago fighting for the fame that will save them from the gallows. Chicago won 6 Academy Awards including Best Picture!

Hair (1979)

hair the movie musical

Directed by: Miloš Forman

Music and Lyrics: Galt MacDermot/ Gerome Ragni/ James Rado

Starring: John Savage, Treat Williams, Annie Golden

Budget: $11 Million

Box Office: $38 Million

Best Known Songs: ‘Hair’ and ‘Ain’t Got No’

The Hair musical movie is an anti-war comedy-drama film about a Vietnam War draftee who meets and befriends a group of hippies on his way to the army induction centre. The hippies introduce him to marijuana and LSD, and their environment of unorthodox relationships and draft evasion. Leaning more towards a rock style, this movie musical reaches a slightly different audience while adding some historical context around draft evasion during the Vietnam war.

That Was Our List Of The Best Musical Movies Of All Time

popcorn in a bowl

There are so many more movie musicals out there, we just couldn’t fit them into one article! However, let’s give a shoutout to Wizard Of Oz, Mamma Mia, Moulin Rouge and Spinal Tap. Also, Rocketman (about Elton John’s life) is a recent musical movie that we’ve really been loving!

There really is something for everyone, whether that be the ‘Annie’ musical movie for young children or ‘Sweeney Todd’ for those horror film fans! Musical movies have a way of bringing us together.

Although not many are made each year these days, the quality of movie musicals, for the most part (ahem Cats The Musical movie remake), is of a high calibre. You can also download musical movies almost anywhere, so they are always available to you!

Hopefully, we’ve included at least one of your favourites, but let us know if we’ve missed out yours in the comments below!

If you’re interested in the crossover between music and film, or need music for your film project, you’re in the right place! With our music licensing service and extensive music library, allow us to help you find music for your film. So, get in touch today and our team can help you find the perfect music for your project, no matter how big or small!

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