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As part of your New Year’s resolutions, you may be planning to get more organised. Perhaps you want to get into a good routine, be healthier or just generally have a tidy up. I know my New Year’s resolution is to start a bullet journal!

If you want to further your music career (and I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t) good organisation could be the key to landing better opportunities this year. Not only does being organised mean that you come across more professional, it also helps to keep you working as efficiently as possible which will also maintain your motivation to do well and in turn, stay organised.

So how do I get organised

Мusic Gateway is here to help you get (and stay) organised this year as the platform was first created to aid you in doing just that. Let’s take a leap back in time, shall we? Мusic Gateway was first started by founder Jon Skinner as there was nothing else on the market that would do what was needed:

“When we got into the world of sync licensing we realised just how long some of the processes were. From pitching to managing metadata, to sending different formats in certain ways so you could stream or download. There wasn’t one solution that did everything you needed to, so we just went ahead and created it for the industry ourselves. And we’ve never looked back.”

So how does all of this work exactly? Let’s break it down into three main sections for you: Music Cloud Storage, Playlist Creation and Metadata.

Мusic Gateway | Best music cloud storage

Music Cloud storage

This is the place to start at Мusic Gateway. Yes, we know admin is boring (yawn) BUT it’s vital to getting organised and optimising your potential. It will make everything easier and you will have far more chance of getting a sync, for example.

You can not only upload your tracks, but also other files such as your press shots, videos and your EPK. This makes it easy to have all of your most important files in one place and accessible at any time from anywhere. We would also advise uploading stems if you have them as these can sometimes be requested if you are successful in getting a sync placement.

If you’d like an in-depth guide on how to get started with the file storage system, follow our step-by-step here.

Мusic Gateway | Best Music Cloud Storage

Playlist creation

Once your files are uploaded to the cloud storage, you can create playlists. These are not exactly the same as the playlists you might create on Spotify, SoundCloud or other streaming services, though.

These playlists have a professional function and make it easier for you to send music to record labels and publishers, for example. The playlist feature also allows you to add a message and your contact details. This makes it more memorable and easier for them to contact you.

It also gives whoever you send it to the option to stream there or download as an mp3. That way, you can cater to different preferences, as not everyone in the industry wants to receive tracks in the same way.

Presenting your music in such a professional manner and making it easy for industry professionals to receive your tracks will definitely raise your chances and make you stand out from the crowd.

If you’d like an in-depth guide on how to get started with the file storage system, follow our step-by-step here.


We’ve already spoken a lot about metadata in the past, but we understand this will always be a difficult subject. Metadata is basically important information that your embed into your tracks. This makes them more searchable and makes them look a lot more professional.

You’ve probably seen how mp3 tracks get categorised by things like genre, artist and year of release. Well, that is all down to metadata. That information isn’t just there automatically, whoever released the track had to add that information.

For a short overview of what information you should include in your metadata, see this article on our knowledge base.

Music gateway - Use your metadata to get signed to a record label

Metadata is also vital to the world of sync, so if you’re interested in getting your music in film, TV, games, adverts and more, it’s extremely important that you add metadata to music files. It sounds harsh, but your tracks won’t even be considered for sync if they don’t have metadata! I won’t go into too much detail about this here as there is a lot to explain around that.

However, the short explanation would be that music supervisors generally download tracks to their database. They then search their database at a later date for the perfect track for a project. Therefore, if you don’t add what genre your track is, you’re never going to turn up in their searches.

That way they will likely never get to use your music. Also, if you don’t add your contact information or info on what the rights splits are, the supervisor might find your music but it would take them too long to track down who owns the rights to the song. Your track might be the perfect fit but if they can’t contact you, they won’t be able to use it.

If you’d like more information on how to add metadata to music files, take a look at our support guide here.

If you’re not yet a member, start your free 14-day trial now. Start ticking these boxes towards giving yourself the best chance in 2019!

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