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How to Get Connected in the Music Industry: Music Industry Networking Events

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Music networking events in the UK are a great way to meet loads of different people within the music industry. If you’re looking to link up with writers, producers, signed/unsigned artists, publishers, labels, PRS, radio… get yourself along to a few networking events in London. As well as meeting a lot of new people which could help further your career in the music industry, networking events will also help build your confidence when it comes to networking and socialising.

London is bursting with industry professionals who are ready to meet you at one of these music networking events. It’s one of the best places to get yourself out there and start talking to like-minded people in the music business and get connected in the music industry. Most networking events take place in London so in this post we will be focussing on music networking events London has to offer for musicians, however, you can definitely find events elsewhere that may be closer to you!

Notting Hill Music Publishing’s Network Monthly

This event is sponsored by Tileyard Studios and PSL and is the top of our list for good reason! We go to Notting Hill Music publishing’s Tileyard networking events regularly and we think it’s a great opportunity for people from all levels of the industry to come and meet each other. There are all kinds of great industry professionals who gather here to meet new people so keep an eye on their website for information on their next event. Here you’ll find a good mix of A-list writers/producers, signed and unsigned artists, publishers, labels, PRS, lawyers, radio/TV, press and managers.

You’ll find this networking event at:

Tileyard Studios,

Tileyard Road,


N7 9AH

There are also loads of events that are held in London which focus on other areas of the industry as well as networking.

BBC Introducing Live

This is a big event held by BBC Introducing. You have the opportunity to attend seminars on specific topics that interest you in the music industry. Everywhere you go, within this event, there are industry professionals who are there to talk to you. Don’t worry! If you don’t feel too confident in networking you can attend a 30-minute seminar on ‘How to Network’ before jumping into it!

This event is held at:

Tabaco Docks,

Wapping Lane,

St Katherine’s & Wapping,



Off The Record New Music Festival and Conference

Another music networking event that is similar to BBC Introducing Live is:

Off The Record which will next take place on the 15th November 2019  which is held in Manchester, head to their website for early bird tickets now!

Our very own Sophie was at OTR this year, presenting a masterclass on sync. Read about the experience from one of our members that we brought along with us here.

Socials within Companies

There are also plenty of music industry events within companies such as AIM, Basca and PRS. They all put on their own networking events for their members ONLY! Also, this is a great way to start networking in the music industry as you know you have at least one thing in common. Therefore, if you’re a member, keep an eye out for upcoming events being announced on their social media and website.

Use social media

Also, keep on the lookout for networking opportunities when you’re scrolling through your own social media accounts. There are loads of pages on Facebook which are great for music networking. Instagram ads also may pop up on your feed with different networking events.

Music Gateway!

If you are looking to work with someone and there are no events or you can’t make a networking event, Music Gateway is here to help! Our Marketplace lets you start music networking online straight away! You can create a project and meet loads of industry professionals that way. Read about how our members have met and done great things together on our success page.

Now that you know where all the best networking events are, take a look at our networking tips to help you make a great impression.

I hope that you are able to get yourself along to some of these music networking events and that they’re beneficial to you! Time to get networking! – Just don’t forget to take your business cards.

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