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Song Comments For Music: How To Show Appreciation For Singing

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Georgia Carter


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Over the years we have seen thousands of talented singers pass through our auditions. In that time, our judges have delivered many song comments for music and some superb singing performances. So they know how to praise someone singing and show appreciation for singing performances! They have come up with some of the most useful appreciation quotes for singers you will ever hear, with valued and constructive feedback every time.

If you want to compliment a singer, it’s better to say more than amazing, beautiful or superb. You should really comment on what makes them unique and even give constructive feedback if you can. Also, comment on how they perform as well as how they sing.

It is hard to describe a talented singer but judges seem to know how to get it right. For example, below you can see some feedback and comments on singing performances that our judges made at the Open Mic UK or TeenStar Grand Finals.

How To Praise Someone Singing

Comment On Their Tone

If a singer has a naturally beautiful sounding voice then this means they have a nice tone. This is one of the nicest ways to compliment a singer because it is often something that can’t be trained as easily as something like technique or performance. If you want to comment on their beautiful voice and tone, think about how you would describe it. Is their voice smooth or husky? Is it soft or strong?

Judges comments

“Great musicianship, you play with confidence and vocally you have a really good tone.”

“Vocally you have a great tone and really good control on the high notes, a great overall performance.”

“Vocally you have a booming voice and bags of character in your tone.”

Comment On Control

Some singers know how to control all of their notes. Good singers can perform incredible vocal acrobatics because of their technique. It takes a lot of hard work and practice to build up a good technique so comment on how much effort they’ve put into it.

Judges comments

“Great power and control are all there!”

“You have a lovely tone to your voice and had great control throughout.”

“All three of you have great vocals, with good control and projection.”

Comment On Power

Some singers can really belt out their notes. This can impress judges, as long as it isn’t constant yelling. Using contrasting quiet dynamics and demonstrating control is the best way to show off your power as a vocalist.

Judges comments

“Lots of potential with superb power.”

“A big wall of sound from these guys! All three of you have immense vocals!”

“You picked a tough song and we loved that you held the notes, sustaining them with great power, tone and control.”

Good Ways To Compliment A Singer

Comment On Performance

Let’s face it, some singers aren’t that good. However, they still end up on big stages and even on the radio. This is because they know how to perform and can work an audience. If you’re dealing with someone with a lot of confidence then let them know that they’re a good performer.

Judges comments

“Perform as much as you can as you have bags of potential.”

“Good connection on stage between performers.”

“You stand out as an individual performer.”

Comment On Emotion

Judges song comments on emotion

“Such emotion and connection to the song.”

“Great passion and talent throughout. You convey emotion well.”

“You conveyed the emotion within the lyrics well.”

Comment On Delivery

Delivery is about how your technique expresses the story of the song and it’s almost a combination of all the above. The way you hit the notes, the amount of power and the tone you use all help deliver the song. Using emotion is good but it needs to be appropriate for the context of the song.

Judges song comments

“You have lots of character to your vocal which really assists in delivering the story of the song.”

“Your delivery is fantastic which really separates you and makes you stand out from your peers.”

“You had a sultry delivery and a real strong commitment to the song and performance throughout.”

How to give appreciation for singing performances using appreciation quotes for singers – with constructive feedback

Comment On Improvements

You should try and give compliments but also include tips for improvement. It’s important to be constructive because this means you aren’t just focusing on the negatives. You have to comment on their strengths and how they can turn their weaknesses into strengths.

Judges comments that you can use as appreciation quotes for singers.

“Eye contact and connection with the audience could be improved so try to be more animated in the eyes.”

“You just need to perform more with your body and really commit to the performance.”

“You are looking down too much and need to look up more to help you express the emotion in the song to engage more with the audience.”

“Try to vary it more and give us more dynamics to the performance.”

“Really committed to the performance but remember to keep control even when you are pushing that little bit more.”

“You would benefit from filming yourself performing and working on your expressions and performance.”

“You probably need to look to work on developing your projection to be able to really climb into the song.”

The Judges

These comments were taken from the Open Mic UK Grand Final from our professional music industry judges.

  • A&R for Sony Music Layla Manoochehri
  • CeCe Sammy TV personality and celebrity vocal coach who has worked with the likes of Diana Ross, Will Young, Simon Cowell and Leona Lewis
  • Andy Baker a music manager from Rocket Fuel
  • Jayne Collins an A&R consultant for major record companies who put together and managed The Saturdays and The Wanted
  • Laurence Hobbs from Charthouse Music, a producer who has previously worked with Pixie Lott, Sam Smith and One Direction
  • James Ellet from Global Entertainment
  • Barney Addison from Syco Music and Thames TV
  • Head of Future Music Chris Grayston.

Now you know how to give a beautiful compliment for a singer

Which of these appreciation quotes for singers or comments was your favourite and do you have any you’d like to add? What are the best singing voice compliments you have ever received? Let us know in the comments below!

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