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Pitching Your Music – Compare the Options & See What Hits the Spot!

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Brands with which to pitch your music

Let’s start with this question… Do you pitch, send or present your music & media files to either existing clients or people you don’t know? To record labels, music publishers, music supervisors, producers or anyone else in the creative industries?

If the answer is yes then have a butchers at the following as we compare the options.

Table comparing pitching tools

Here’s the thing.

If you make things simple and easy to access, you will improve your client’s experience.

Save People Time

Personalise Your Approach

Get Their Attention!

We have been working closely with our clients, labels, publishers and music supervisors for years and it was clear to us that the tools people were using, just didn’t tick all their needs. Whilst the tools out there do a half decent job, we didn’t think you should have to settle for second best so we had a crack at creating something ourselves, and we think it’s pretty great. 

Check out an example playlist for yourself here.

From within your Мusic Gateway account and cloud file storage system, you can create playlists, personalise them and have the flexibility and control over security levels, download options, file types and your metadata.

Our playlist feature is just one of the many all-inclusive solutions we provide for creatives everywhere. Get started with your free 14-day-trial and give your clients the experience that’s matched to their needs.



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