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The Best Band App Guide for Artists

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The Best Band App Guide for Artists

When you’re an artist we know it takes a lot of determination to get your music heard

Smartphones/Tablets along with the accessibility of the Internet has helped to change the music scene. Apps enable learning as well as generating and modifying music. There are now Band Apps available to keep you on track to a successful music career.

We have selected the Top Band Apps for you to check out and which will keep you organised, save you time and make your life easier in the long run!

What is a Band App?

A ‘Band App’ is basically a mobile community that assists group communication and will keep you organised as an artist/band whether you are starting out or professional.

Band Apps will help you manage your career as a musician. You can do a whole host of things including:

  • Calendar Polls
  • Share photo albums
  • Project share files
  • Access social networks
  • Organise your groups

Group members can access updates without being distracted by too many posts which you may get from using Social Media.  Usually, admins will be able to see who has seen messages on a Band App and therefore can confirm each person accountable in the group.

The must-have Band Apps are becoming more and more beneficial to a musician’s life. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an amateur to the music industry or part of an international band. Prior to the Internet tasks would have taken significantly longer. Now you can simply download a Band App. 

Musicians are able to perform a number of musical tasks in a logical order which means you can save a huge amount of time.

Here are our best Band App picks to keep you on track!


Gigs in town

This App lets you find out what live events are happening in your neighbourhood. GigTown’s web platform and mobile app give you an impressive and detailed look at what’s on. So, if you’re looking to promote your next gig or looking for the next hot spot to hit with your friends, GigTown is your perfect guide.

Join the thousands of already approved local artists/venues. The Band App allows followers to check out local shows every day and they can even add to a ‘favourites list’ by clicking the heart. Shows with the most ‘ favourites’ will show up on top as the trending shows available.

The brilliance of this Band App is that it connects artists, venues and fans. Venues are also able to use the Post-a-Gig feature to easily hire an artist. An artist can submit to the posting and they’ll receive direct contact information. 

Artists aren’t charged for showing up higher on the list and bonus is they don’t charge artists at all! You will be required to provide a minimum of one quality live video, song and photo.

We highly recommend it! 


Slack Logo

Slack is a great Band App as it is a collaboration hub bringing the right people to the right information so everyone is able to get their work done. 

Guarantee your team works together no matter where they are. You will have all your communication and tools in one place, so keep your team productive even when you are on the road and working remotely. 

For small teams, it is completely free of charge.

Spotify for Artists

Spotify Logo Mobile Phone

If you haven’t already done so make sure you get your music up on Spotify.  Download the Spotify for Artists app. This Band App will keep you on track, you’ll see tons of data with regards to your music. Want to learn how to use Spotify for Artists?

Have you ever wondered what kind of people are into your music? You’ll be able to view where in the world your music is played, check out which playlists you’re featured on, see your stream count, as well as change your settings. 

Look at your account balance and if you want to earn a little extra you can even sell your merchandise.

Spotify is the perfect Band App to gather information about your music and see what you can do better, who you can target and discover where you should gig as well see when you can get your next paycheck.

Artist Growth

Artist Growth Logo

Use the Artist Growth Band App to link your entire team together.  On one cloud-based software platform, you can manage your roster, tour management and tour funding. The app modernises the way you can manage your business while on the road and keep connected even when on tour. 

The hub connects your whole team with all your touring information and enables real-time sharing. You can also manage all of your event logistics with one master calendar or track your merchandise inventor. 

Sign up for $50/mo per contributor or $600 annually!

Music Gateway

A test timeline image

Ok, so we may be slightly biased with this one but here at Music Gateway, we want to help creatives focus on their career. 

As you probably know we are an established sync licensing agent, we work alongside music supervisors, advertising agencies, broadcasters, filmmakers and TV production companies. When you use Music Gateway you will retain 100% of all your copyrights and royalties.

You can start a free 14-day trial here.

Use our cloud storage tools to keep your creative files in order with the cloud. 

Manage and backup all your media files with our cloud storage for creative people. Save time as you access files, upload, download, share/transfer music and your video media files at any time. Once you have uploaded your music it is time to promote your tracks. 

Once your songs are stored on the cloud, create playlists and promote your tracks to the music industry. Get in touch and we will represent your music for licensing in TV, Film, Games and Advertising

Starting from as little as £5/mo you can gain 500MB Cloud storage.

We know music licensing fees are sometimes hard to understand, with our model we ensure you can develop your skills and all aspects of your creative work. 

Raise your game with easy song licensing and retain all of your master and publishing rights. We only take a fee of 25% of the upfront sync fee. 

You retain all performance and backend royalties.


Guitar Tuning

Cleartune is an impressive tuner, it makes sure your pitch is correct and accurately tunes your instrument. The unique interface allows you to quickly find your pitch along with a highly responsive tuner. 

Keep yourself in fine-tune by downloading this app. Available on both iOS and Android for $4 you never need to be out of tune again.

Merch Cat

Merch Cat is one of the best ways to sell merchandise directly to your fans. Performing on stage may ignite the soul but you need to sell stock to get ahead. Download the app to consolidate your inventory, follow payments, and get real-time reports. 

The all-in-one solution ensures your merchandise storefront runs smoothly. This musician-friendly platform starts from just $7.99/mo or $84.99/year.


A Band App must as most people already have access to a google account. Even if you don’t it is very easy to get yourself set up. It is completely free and is a no brainer for you to use in order to stay organised while creating a name for yourself.

  • Google Calendar

Use one of the most popular digital calendars to manage your gigs, rehearsals and meetings. Being able to see all your upcoming events, set reminders makes life less hectic.  

Simply share your calendars between all band members to ensure everyone knows when your next performance is!

  • Gmail email client

Gmail most certainly the best email program/website available. Many creative professionals from bloggers to new media makers use Gmail. 

Gmail is really great because you can easily search your mail by topic or by word.

  • Google Drive

Google provides you with a huge amount of storage space. The Google Drive is free to use and you can use it anywhere as it is completely synced online. It is a great tool for you and your team to use. You can easily access Google Docs, Sheets through your Drive.

  • Google Docs & Google Sheets

Docs is for basic word processing so upload lyrics on Google Docs or create a marketing plan. For spreadsheets use Google Sheets and keep track of anything you would usually use excel for such as tracking merchandise and financial records.

To build your career as a musician it is inevitable that you will need to tour. 

Touring is a fundamental part of connecting with your audience and making a living from your music. Being on tour is a sure way to market yourself but when you need to fill up your tank you don’t want to eat into your touring budget too much.

Use the app to compare fuel prices all over Ireland. The Android free app has got you covered when you need to find the lowest price for petrol.  For those outside Ireland, don’t worry as there are plenty of similar fuel-price-comparison apps!



This is probably a Band App you have already heard of. It gives your fans the chance to directly support you. 

Fans are able to support their preferred artists by downloading/purchasing music, buying concert tickets and even merchandise. Fans have paid artists $489 million using Bandcamp, and $13.9 million in the last 30 days alone.

Bandcamp has a presence in the Music Industry though it may not be the most popular platform for consuming music. 

Sign up is free but they take a 15% cut of each music sale considerably higher than iTunes however there are more options for fans. Fans have the option to buy digital or physical, the quality of the digital files as well as getting some merchandise at the same time.

Ultimately the more options your fans have to purchase your music/merchandise the more money you can make!

HubSpot CRM

Hubspot Logo

Musicians spend lots of time perfecting their music, but far too often go through a chaotic process to book gigs/performances. Artists pay attention! 

When was the last time you got something for free? With HubSpot, you’ll get the tools needed to manage your contracts and client bookings. It’s CRM and a very good one at that. Create a free account today – simples!



This all-in-one management app is great for progressing your career as an artist. You can sign up for free and get access to lots of features. Sell your music, find venues, expand your fanbase, manage your social media campaigns as well as embed your songs directly into your website!

ReverbNation has a mission to put artists first. They have facilitated millions of emerging artists to build their careers. Use the app to connect with venues, festivals, brands, labels. Use the career management and online marketing tools.

We recommend this Band App as it is the perfect platform for those who feel their career is stagnating or if you are just starting out in the music industry. You’ll also be able to build your website and with ReverbNation, you can access loads of tools for analytics. Also, get digital distribution services to help get your music on Spotify and iTunes!

You can access a simple package completely free or if you want extra you can purchase the Basic package for £9.50/mo which includes Industry opportunities or Ad-Free profile. 

Opt for the Premium package £15/mo for free website domain and digital distribution. There are also additional advanced tools to help promote your music for an extra fee.


There is no denying that this app does what its name suggests. It is the number 1 music platform to promote your events. Trusted by over 530,000 artists.

Find every gig, concert and music event scheduled in your area. Not only will fans be able to discover when their favourite artist/band are playing but can also find new talent. Sign up free!

Use the Manager App to promote your own events and manage them. Any event you create through Bandsintown will automatically get put on Facebook, a great timesaver! 

Once your event is going ahead you can directly communicate with your fans who have RSVP’d and start building on your fanbase by thanking them for their support!

Starling Bank Account


Voted the Best Business Banking Provider 2020. Starling is a UK online account app which offers a completely new way for people to manage and look after their money. This modern free banking is designed for small business/personal accounts. 

Starling provides a fully mobile account with unparalleled tools and insights into everyday spending. It helps you to manage your money and recognise where and how you are spending. When you understand your spending habits you can make better decisions about how to spend your money. 

Set up your free account with no fuss and no monthly fees.


Trello Software

Trello is easy to use and suitable for everyone in your band or management team. Allowing people to work collaboratively, the app is designed so everyone knows exactly what needs to be done and whose task it is. 

Set goals and see which tasks have already been completed!

Clearly organise your tasks into lists such as ‘To do’, ‘Started’ and ‘Completed’ this is an easy way you can get yourself started. You can always add more later for up and coming tasks such as rehearsals. 

Get started for free or if you have a large team it might be worth investing in the Enterprise package for $20.83/mo.

Our Sum Up

Being organised is an essential part of being an artist or band no matter what stage you are at in your career. Now, we are not suggesting you need all the apps above but check out which ones may suit you. 

You never know it may make your life a lot easier. Get your team connected, set some goals, get closer to your fanbase and ultimately you will save some time and make some money!

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