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The Best Recording Studios in Atlanta

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aBs Studios

The best recording studios in Atlanta

Are you a budding musician? Have you spent years perfecting your lyrics and cords and now you feel like you’re ready to share them with the world? What you need is a recording studio with all the features you desire to create your masterpiece. 

This article will look at Atlanta’s premiere music recording studios in Atlanta, some are extremely famous recording studios in Atlanta and others are well known for being cheap recording studios. 

So there’s bound to be a studio that will work for you and your budget. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best recording studios in Atlanta. 

11th Street Studios 

11th Street Studios

Founded back in 2006, 11th Street Studios has established itself as a high-end recording studio in the heart of Atlanta. They offer audio engineering and mixing services at their 2 level facility. 

They actually have six separate recording studios for you to choose from, according to what best meets your needs. Fancy something a bit more intimate? Opt for Studio F. Thrive in chaos and want to bring along lots of people? Go for Studio A. 

No need to worry about equipment, they have top tier kit in every studio. There are Mac Pros in every room, Pro Tools 11, microphones, Bryston amps and everything else you’ll need. Musical legends definitely approve, as 11th Street Studios have had some seriously impressive clientele over the years, including Bruno Mars, Drake, Lil Wayne, and Big Boy. This is one of the most famous recording studios in Atlanta thanks to its extensive client list. 

So what about prices? 

Well, they vary from studio to studio. Let’s take Studio A, for example, where you can book the studio for an hourly rate of $160, although you can get it for $140 during certain hours of the day. 

If you really want to knuckle down you can book the room for a block of 12 hours for $1,600. If it’s cheap recording studios in Atlanta that you’re after, you can book Studio G for just $650 for a 12-hour window. 

They also offer Custom Packages and design a plan that will fit around your recording needs. This covers things like multiple blocks of recording time, recording and mixing packages and multiple mixes. 

So what’s included in the pricing?

Engineers are included as part of the studio rates, but mixing and mastering services will cost you extra. These are actually billed on a per-song basis, so you’ll need to get in touch with them to talk through what you’re looking to achieve. 

They actually say that their main passion is mixing over recording! And although they are proud to have a multi-genre outlook, they are mainly a Hip Hop, R&B and Pop studio – if you hadn’t already guessed from their celebrity clientele! You can come prepared with your own track, purchase one from the studio or have a producer custom make one just how you like it. 

Sound promising? 

Then get in contact with them via email at or call them on +1 (404) 249 8511. They are located at 699 11th Street NW. Atlanta, Georgia 30318, and you can check out their website here:

This is one of the best recording studios in Atlanta to record your next Hip Hop demo. 

  • Value for money – 9/10
  • Studio Facilities – 9/10

aBs Studios 

aBs Studios

Fancy recording in Atlanta’s first touchscreen studio?

Then you’ll need to choose between Studio A and Studio B, each boasting friendly independent artist rates. Studio A is just $75 per hour with an engineer and $50 without. 

The studio itself has a clean and modern vibe, and it’s packed with all the equipment you’ll need, software DAW, from Apple Mac Pro Trash Can, two 55″ touchscreen monitors, and TubTech CL1B compressors to an 8’x8′ vocal booth. You can fit up to ten people here, so this one would be best suited for bands. 

Studio B is slightly smaller, and this is reflected in the price. You’ll pay $60 per hour to record here with an engineer and $35 without. But it still has everything you’ll need for a successful recording session as it’s fully equipped with an Apple Mac Mini to total watt playback microphone and a UAD plugins Vocal Booth. 

Booking a session with them is easy, you can reach them by email at or call directly on (404) 500-4724.

Or if you’d prefer to visit them directly and see the studio with your own eyes, go to 448 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd Atlanta, GA 30312. You can check out their website for more information:

This is definitely one of the most famous recording studios in Atlanta, with artists including 21 Savage, 30 Roc, Lil Baby, Kandi Burruss, Offset Migos and Metro Boomin. You may have guessed from this that this studio is well-suited to Hip Hop and R&B artists, but the studio isn’t limited by genre so don’t let this put you off. 

If you’re looking for cheap recording studios in Atlanta that don’t skimp on quality, then this is the one for you. 

  • Value for money – 10/10
  • Studio Facilities – 8/10

M.A.D Studios Atlanta

M.A.D Studios Atlanta

This studio has been owned and operated by legendary Hip Hop producer Cory Mo since 1999. The studio is ideally located just one mile from Downton Atlanta.

Cory has cemented himself as a go-to producer, for his undeniable sound and style works with any artist he collaborates with. This studio has cemented itself as one of the famous recording studios in Atlanta thanks to his talent. 

M.A.D Studios produce all genres of music but specialise in Hip Hop and R&B. But don’t let this put you off, they are perfectly equipped to accommodate your rock band and welcome all genres of music. 

Studio time will cost you $50 per hour without an engineer and $65 with one. There’s an option to pay for an 8-hour block for $360 without an engineer and $480 if you need one. If mixing and mastering are what you need for your track, you can pay the maximum $500 for a Full Trackout Mix or $100 for one master song. 

M.A.D Studios also offers a fully-equipped band rehearsal space for $100 an hour for those of you that feel extra rehearsal could be useful. They offer a full sound system, one bass guitar and one lead guitar, two keyboards and four wireless microphones. This studio is definitely one of the cheap recording studios in Atlanta, especially for its studio hire rates. 

Setting up a session is easy, you can contact them by email at or give them a call on (678) 561-5444. Their address is 1367 Chattahoochee Ave NW Atlanta, GA. 30318. They also have a direct contact form on their website at

  • Value for money – 9/10
  • Studio Facilities – 8/10

Patchwerk Recording Studios

Patchwerk Recording Studios

This studio was founded by former Atlanta Falcon, Bob Whitfield. His passion for music spearheaded Patchwerk Recording Studios’ success. It’s located in a 10,000 square foot building with two separate recording studios full of all the equipment you could ever need. Studio 9000 boasts three isolated recording booths, a drum room and kitchen and lounge for its artists

The main room actually has the only SSL J9000 analogue mixing console in Georgia!

Over 60 gold and platinum records have been recorded here, so it’s no surprise that it’s attracted the attention of plenty of famous artists, Beyoncé, Young Jeezy, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, Nick Jonas and more. While they are mostly known for their Hip Hop tracks, they welcome any artist and can accommodate bands in their spacious studio. 

Engineers are included in their pricing, and you can work with a producer that best fits your style. If you are a Hip Hop artist you can be confident they will do a fantastic job. 

The good news for you is that they have some good deals on at the moment, like the New Client Intro Deal. You’ll pay $500 for eight hours of studio time that would normally cost you $700. 

All sounding good?

If you want to get in contact with them just send them an email at or call them on 404-874-9880. The studio is located at 1094 Hemphill Ave, Atlanta GA 30318, and their website address is

When it comes to recording studios in Atlanta, you won’t find a better one for natural light, sheer space and unique equipment. It has taken its place as one of the best recording studios in Atlanta, and this is reflected in our rating. 

  • Value for money – 9/10
  • Studio Facilities – 10/10

RexTrax Recording Studios

RexTrax Recording Studios

Founded back in 1997, this studio has the honour of being one of the longest-running music recording studios in Atlanta. The best thing about their location in the suburbs is their lower rates for artists. 

This is great for independent artists who don’t have much money to spare. Their hourly rate is $45 per hour including an engineer and mastering will cost you $50 per song, and it’s important to note that groups of more than 5 people will be charged an additional $15 per hour. So bands should keep this in mind when budgeting!

Their control room has equipment like ProTools HD and an SSL console, along with lots of other great pieces of kit. One of the best things about this studio is its layout, the vocal booth doesn’t just offer quality recording, but also constant visual and verbal contact with everyone in the studio. 

Their unique construction is ideal for bands, as is the live room as it’s complete with 12ft high ceilings and can fit a whole load of people. Plus, it makes for a powerful drum sound.

They recommend that artists bring their own hard drives, or request a 1 CD and 1 Data disk from them for the session. They don’t store your material, so you should take great care of your session data – make sure you plan ahead for this. 

If you want to book a session with them give them an email at or a call on 678-730-0008. 

Take a look at their website for more details: They are located at 1255 Hwy 23 NW, Suite 206 Suwanee, GA 30024. 

It’s definitely worth the drive to this fantastic studio, as its value for money is the best we’ve seen thanks to the out of the way location. It truly is one of the best recording studios in Atlanta. 

  • Value for money – 10/10
  • Studio Facilities – 9/10

Bravo Ocean Studios

Bravo Ocean Studios

This trendy studio has been graced by artists such as Katy Perry, Post Malone, Mariah Carey and Elton John. The variety of clientele means that artists are confident in their ability to collaborate with a range of styles. It has earned its place as not only one of the best recording studios in Atlanta but as one of the best cheap recording studios in Atlanta.

They have three different studio rooms to choose from, all with varying prices. Studio A’s prices are set at $85 per hour and they have all the equipment you’ll need, from iMac complete with Pro Tools, Tube-Tech CL-1B and a live studio with 8 tie lines into the control room. This is a studio best suited for bands, as there are constant open lines of communication and it’s really spacious. 

There are two other studios, Studio B and C. A recording session will cost you $75 per hour in B and $50 per hour in C. These studios are slightly smaller, but they still provide you with everything you need to get your creative juices flowing. Plus all of these studio rates include an engineer. What’s more, there’s also the main space section with a fully stocked kitchen and sofas for everyone to chill out during breaks!

They also offer full music production, but recommend that you get in contact with the producer Nick Chahwala, for a more in-depth discussion and his rates. 

Just use the email address, or call them directly on +1 404 747 5257. Their address is Bravo Ocean Studios, 1040 Boulevard SE, Suite I Atlanta GA, 30312 should you want to visit them. Check out their website for more details:

  • Value for money – 9/10
  • Studio Facilities – 9/10

Our Verdict  

So there we have it, the best recording studios in Atlanta. Your music is precious to you, and when it finally comes to the right time to share it with the world, you want to know that it’s been recorded in the best possible place. 

These famous recording studios in Atlanta will all do your music justice, and we recommend spending what you can afford to create a quality product. You just can’t beat what these studios can give you! 

The studios we’ve discussed all have a range of prices, from the more expensive to cheap recording studios in Atlanta. But if some prices still seem to be a bit steep for your current situation, remember to keep an eye out for special deals and discounts. 

Remember, it’s worth taking the time and money, and making the trip, to create professional-quality music.

We have more articles on the best recording studios if you’re planning to record somewhere else anytime soon. Please take a look at:

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