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A Guide To PR Companies

Media relations / PR and marketing services can aid you in the success of your brand, tracks and music career.   Whether you are in the beginning stages of shaping and starting up your brand, or you already have a large fan base and just want to strengthen your tracks, then looking into a PR company is a recommended pathway.

PR firms can successfully broaden your fan base and improve your look in the media, whether that be in Social Media, Radio, TV.  If you have the money to spend,  there’s plenty of choices to go for.  First of all, you have to find out who would suit you and your genre best, as there are those who look specifically to certain genres and those who offer selective PR topics to suit your needs.   Their experience of working in the industry provides huge information to you as an artist in how to promote your business, how to budget, and also how to design and use Social Networking to aid your success.

When choosing Music PR firm:

We’d hate for our members to suffer under the hand of poor music PR, so we advise that opting for a ‘cheaper’ deal online won’t necessarily be best for you.

They can be expensive, so quite often artists may search for cheaper companies online.  We’d hate for our members to suffer under the hand of poor music PR, so we advise that opting for a ‘cheaper’ deal online for under £400 won’t necessarily be best for you.  The general recommendation is to always research and compare between companies to find the happy medium, and if the campaign offers all services needed for you to release your track, make sure that is what you’re getting.  Unfortunately, you will have to be prepared to spend more to ensure your money is being well spent, and make sure see to it that you make the most of what they provide you.

Many Music PR companies are genre specific, so look for campaigns that relate to your style and genre to get the most out of them as a firm.

One of the most integral parts upon deciding how your track is going to be released is understanding that the recording of the music, regardless of it being produced by a friend, or by a top class producer, still means someone must promote your music, which is where Music PR comes into play.

Once you have chosen Music PR firm:

It’s also important to add that you have a good and healthy relationship with the company you are working with.  Be in regular contact via telephone, skype, phone and discuss your work and how you think it’s going,  updates from both you and your team on what’s going well and what isn’t will push the campaign in the right direction, making the most of your time and hard work.

What types of Music PR companies are there?

Big Name Music PR firms

These firms deal with the big name and probably cost you an arm and a leg, tens of thousands of pounds per month not including other fees!  Different from music press PRs, this firm typically deal with the unsavoury side of the celeb world – dealing with gossip, image press, paparazzi and can handle damage control in preventing things that could affect their client’s career.  You’d have to have a music career before you would even consider such a massive firm.

Jonathan Hay Publicity

Boutique firms

Usually comprising around 20 employees, sometimes less.  Very small and boutique, typically focussing on one particular genre.  Though not always the case here.

Atom Splitter PR 

Cyber PR – PR, Branding, Social Media

Quite Great PR

Two Person Led firms

Great if your priority is music-focussed press.

Often publicists with a history at big name firms or labels can team up and launch their own firm, taking clients, their previous expertise and knowledge with them.  They contain a wealth of know-how from the previous running of PR for a long amount of time.  Small/medium firm size doesn’t necessarily mean a small client size here either.

A Star PR – great for your first PR company

Sunshine Sachs

Taylor Herring

‘One Man Band’ Music PR

Again, these publicists who run one person led firms may have left their old label jobs to launch their own PR firm and taking clients with them.  However, these firms demonstrate a certain personality that you won’t get anywhere else.  Since the livelihood of the publicist relies on you as a client for your testimonial to grow much like the rest of his roster, the attention and power hours spent on your release are significant.  Not to mention it’s a lot easier to get in direct contact with someone without going through a plethora of assistants and voicemails.  Similar to Boutique PR firms and Two Person led firms, these places may be small in size but extensive in scope.

Motormouth Media PR

Hannah Gould PR

Meyer PR

If you have trouble deciding what the best PR firm to go for, we advise to just go with your gut and find what suits you to the best of your needs.

Whilst some campaigns are quite costly, it’s important to research which company is the best for you as an artist/band.  If you lack the means to be choosy, this doesn’t mean that Music PR companies are out of the window for you as an artist, there are still options to look into!  Some campaigns are affordable, whilst maintaining a great service.  It’s just important to know what you want from your campaign, what to look for, and how to use the team provided.

Keep an out for our future how to, blog posts.

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